Meetings 101

Andreas Lorenz
May 15, 2016 · 2 min read

Few things thing in the corporate world gets people’s blood boiling as fast as the word meeting. There are many reasons, why people hate meetings and if you get a harsh reaction on your invite for a meeting, it may be that people don’t want to attend your meeting for just these reasons.

And just by the way. Not everything is a meeting.

If you look to today’s executive or manager agendas, there are meetings all over the place. Everything seems to be a meeting. This is where the troubles start. There is an automatism, that everything we do starts with a meeting. If you stop calling every conversation a meeting and rethink the best way to handle what you want to achieve, you will end up having less meetings whilst being significantly more productive.

Considering the commonality of meetings in our corporate culture, it is very surprising how mediocre the majority of the meetings are being executed. There are more than 70 actions that you can take tomorrow to be more efficient and productive before, during and after meetings — meetings 101.

Especially the follow up of a meeting is the weakest point. Absurd, because without a follow up, the entire meeting was useless. The effort to change this is minimal. It takes 30 seconds to write down the key points after a meeting and this will be best invested time — especially after you have already invested hours in a meeting. What I found most useful to do this is the Cornell note format.

Certainly, there is a lot of room to up your own game on meetings. However, you are not always in control of meetings. Therefore, it is good to know how you can escape unnecessary and unproductive meetings.


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