Motivation by Windows

Andreas Lorenz
Nov 17, 2015 · 3 min read
Windows Password
Windows Password

Picture this: Monday morning. The traffic during your commute was a nightmare. You arrive 45 minutes later than you originally planned for and already know that it is going to be a tough race to catch with everything that you have planned out for today.

Finally you sit down at your computer, start it up and see the prompt to “please enter your new password“.


It is just 2 months since this machine from hell asked you to come up with an original password that is not similar to the ones you used before, that has a minimum of 8 or more characters and includes symbols capitals and numbers.

If this sounds like a familiar problem to you, I have a great idea for you to adapt.

Let your password remind you of your habits

Given the scenario mentioned, you type in your windows password multiple times every day. You need to enter it to start your work day and you need to enter it when your computer goes to sleep while you are away in a meeting (yes, it is better not to bring your PC to the meeting), getting a coffee or out for lunch.

Therefore instead of using a string of meaningless letters and numbers that will be impossible to remember at the third or fourth iteration, use your password to help you stay on track with your habits

How it works

Instead of having a password like myworkstation12345 (a very lousy password, by the way), it is much better to use a password like “In7weeksIwillloose5kilos!”.

See what I did here?

I created a super-strong password and as a side affect, every time you type it in, you get reminded on your fitness goals. Imagine that you type this string 5–10 times a day over a period of 30 days. You will get bullet proof against ice-cream cravings that will pull you off-track on your diet.

The perfect 1–2 punch to turbocharge your habits and have a secure password that can be changed every time.

Turbochargeable Habbits

Actually the beauty of this principle is, that you can use it almost infinitely.

Whenever your PC is prompting you with the request to change your password within the next 14 days or so, just come up with a new habit that you have always wanted to incorporate in your lifestyle and have your PC help you get it done.

Some habit ideas that will make beautiful passwords

  • quit smoking (Idontneedcigarettes4mylife!)
  • say something nice to your wife every evening (Ilovemywifeandwilltellher2night!)
  • tell your kids you love them (Ilovemykidsandwilltellem2night!)
  • stand up every 30 minutes (Iwillstandupever30minutes!)
  • drink less soda (Waterisgoodagainstthirst2!)
  • eat healthy (_insert fast food guilt of yours here_isnotgoodforme!)
  • run (Iwillrun5milestonight!)
  • workout (Iwillbenchpress40poundsthisweek!)

Instead of getting all fed up with your machine requesting a new password, embrace the chance to get the next habit tackled.

And now?

Setup your own habit-supporting password. If you have the feeling that you might not be able to come up with great habit/password combos ad hoc every time, do a mindsweep now and create a list in Evernote or your note taking application of choice.

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