Messenger Bot Ideas

With Facebook opening up their Messenger platform with over 900m MAU, it is possible we might have the next big platform available for the taking.

Below is a list of Facebook Messenger Bot ideas that are both useful to and sharable to messenger’s 900m MAU.

Stock Management Bot

Pick stocks you want to follow and get news and price updates via messenger or text. Monetize users with offers and direct integration with stock platforms. Share articles and tips with friends.

Money Lending Bot

Message the service what you want to purchase, how much you need, and give us access to your Facebook profile. Unlike traditional lenders this data-driven service will provide a quote quickly. Monetize from selling these leads to lenders and use data to do a better job assessing risk. Users can also share or ask others to go in on a purchase via Messenger.

Bot Analytics

If bots are the next big thing, then all of bot related startups are going to need tools track results and AB test across various bot platforms. During a gold rush is always makes sense to sell pickaxes to miners flush (with VC money).

Ads will also be big, but I won’t want to go up against Facebook in that space.

Bill Bot

Integrate with companies to make paying bills in messenger a breeze. Partner with utilities to push this out to their users.

Expense Bot

Expense tracking in messanger. Get daily or weekly reports on spending and credit card activity. Based off of financial needs additional services could be offered.

Money Transfer

This is already done nativly in Facebook, but their might be an addon with remittance or people pooling to send money to someone in need.

Social Gifting

Go in with a group of friends to send a customized gift card to a friend. This is an inherently social gift and with adding photos and stickers to the gift, it makes it a much more sharable and viral product.

Shop Builder

Quickly setup a shop to sell stuff via messenger. Could be used by businesses looking to give bots a shot, or individuals wanting to sell stuff. WeChat has similar store platforms that have gained a lot of traction.

Simple, Sharable Games

There are probably some opportunities to make viral games that share amontst friends. I don’t see any $100m+ games like we saw on Facebook or mobile, but who knows what people will come up with.

I’ve been told that the team at Facebook are excited about the potential for gaming via Messenger, so it is quite likely that a well done game could get good featuring. Making a compelling game experience via this new medium would be an interesting challenge.

Other Services

Below are a few more ideas. Because they require partnering with institutions that generally are not that responsive to quickly changing technology, I am not cautious to get excited about any of these ideas.

  1. Book doctor appointments, get health notifications via text and Facebook. Probably tough to integrate with hospital systems though.
  2. City services. Pay parking fees and stuff.
  3. Airline check in: use phone # or Facebook when booking a flight to receive all info + checking via messenger. Probably hard to sell and integrate with airlines though.

Follow up

I would appreciate any thoughts/feedback on any of the above ideas. If anyone is interested in collaborating, feel free to reach out and we can talk.