notes from an idea guy:

I’m an idea guy. I love coming up with ideas. I love talking about ideas. Good ideas executed well are powerful.

Here are a few ideas taken from my gigantic list of Evernote. I’ll keep adding to them as I find time to sort through all the junk for the not so junky ideas.

Free University

What happens when there are no professors or tests? Students focus on projects that apply to real life and learn what they need to get the job done. Sounds impossible, and maybe it is for now, but there are lot of possibilities when you imagine a school without tests or lectures.

If anyone is interested I can write about a few of my ideas sometime.


Saves everything you read and write as text to reference later. Probably won’t work as well as Google, but over time, it will get to know users so well it might know them better than Google.

Sometime in the future, everything we hear (and see) will be saved to reference later. We currently have the tech to transcode audio from our daily lives into text to reference later. It might take a few years to be commercial ready, but saving everything a person says or hears could be really useful at work and in life.


A new bitcoin given to everyone in the world who wants some. This could become a currency like bitcoin, or it could become a global voting platform. The key is that everyone gets a few coins just for being human, which gives the currency a bit of inflation (which is necessary) and incentivizes people to sign up and begins to form network effects.

Life Alert Smartwatch

Unlike Live Alert which is $30–80 per month for a stupid lanyard that dials your phone if you are stuck, this smartwatch would provide a similar service and would track important health metrics for seniors.

Marketing would probably be focused on seniors children who are prime Facebook users and pretty receptive to online services and advertising.


As a PM and game designer, I’ve always wanted to leverage what I’ve learned to make mobile-first SASS products that are actually fun and cool.

Seeing how much people love Slack, you’d just have to find the worst pos software in the industry and make it fun.

Apple Houses

Designed to be ultra-portable, modern and modular, what if we made houses like smart phones? Customize online and build in a factory somewhere.

This would probably need to start with people in the tiny home movement, but with the high sticker price on housing, you won’t need to build many houses per year to be relevant.

I’m probably being naive here, but who nows?

Rap Social Network/Game

Hey Kanye West, I know you are trying to get into the tech game. How teaming up to turn everyone’s phone into a mini-recording studio, promotion platform, and content consumption platform?

Like in gaming, players would earn credits by listening to and collaborating on tracks. They could spend credits to boost their newest tracks to more users.

Dreamcatcher Alarm

A daily alarm that asks you what you were just dreaming. Record audio or type to keep a digital dream journal. Things get interesting when there is a global dream sharing network where you can hear the funniest or most fucked up dreams last night.

This is a simple idea that I’m actually working on as a side project, so we’ll see if it goes anywhere. Again, I can’t wait to hear about the crazy shit Kanye is dreaming about…

In App Store

SDK for developers to sell physical goods within their app. Apple wouldn’t take a 30% cut and could be a lucrative revenue streams to super casual games like Flappy Bird to sell toys, fitness apps to directly sell nutritional supplements, or educational apps to sell phsyical learning materials.

Idea Field

Blank canvas where users can write, post images, draw, create spreadsheets anywhere they want. Imagine photoshop, the entire MS productivity suit, and a social network all rolled into one.

If I was to post my list of random ideas onto an idea field I could drag boxes of text anywhere into an infinite space, throw in images/sketches and get comments from friends directly on the project — letting them add their creativity to what I am doing.

Scrapchat (Chatting + Scrapbooking Messaging)

I find Snapchat stupid. Even though all those images are silly and throwaway, I’d still like to have a collage of everything my friends and I have created each year.

I’m thinking Scrapchat would be chat with friends in a completely editable/fun way. Touch up pictures, add pizazz, reposition text, and whatever. Archive group image chats in albums to revisit later.

Drone Security

Automated security with 0 to 1 human managers controlling a whole fleet of drones to do the job of a team of security guards.

Autonomous Company

Algorithm that does a repetitive task to earn money. Could pay humans to improve it’s algorithm and run A/B tests to test the results.

Not sure what task an algorithm could do without the help of humans, but I’ms sure there is a novel way to setup a company that is self-governed and not owned by any humans.


Beautiful and secure writing platform that lets you take your daily writing and share it with any platform imaginable, whether it be facebook, your own website, your journal blog, or keep it securely on your computer.

This must exist, right?

The 6-Year-Olds Guide to Being 7

Kids should learn about the world. Beyond a yearly book to give kids on their birthday, it would be cool if there were books for kids that taught them about Philosopy. Maybe someday I’ll write them.

TV America

License US television shows to broadcast in China. After watching shows, people can review what they just watched to learn English. As the show goes by users can click on words they don’t know and save them to review.

$10 Air Filter for China

Classic razor blade model where you sell a snazzy air filter for cheap and make money on quartly filter replacements. Bypassing physical stores for web only distribution, this could provide clean air for the masses and make a tidy profit.

Apple Watch Ideas

A few random Apple Watch ideas that I came up with last year.

  1. Heart Keeper: Service that keeps track of your heart rate and will alert medical professionals if your rate becomes abnormal.
  2. Tamagochi for your wrist
  3. Track everything you buy with a quick note fed into your wristwatch
  4. Daily habit tracker: Each night you are asked a set of Y/N questions, that then measures your activity and sleep to give you data on how these factors affect your health. Learn that you are 30% more likely to have a productive day when you sleep 7.5+ hours and hit your goal of x thousand steps.
  5. Mini Flashcards: Get in some flashcard practice on the go with your watch.
  6. Watch Arcade: tons of fun little games in one app.
  7. Water+ track your water intake with a simple press on your wrist each time you drink water.
  8. Alert: hook up small sensors to send you messages when they are tripped. Monetize the hardware.
  9. Ask Siri a question from your wrist and get a readout of the answer
  10. TinyPoem: write and read wrist sized poems on your watch.