There are lots of people who think networking is necessary and very effective way of working. However there are someone who against this opinion and insist networking is not good. Jon Westenbeg is one of them and let’s see what is his opinion.

Networking sucks. Because people don’t give a shit.

by Jon Westenberg.

Networking is a funny concept. And it’s poisonous. It’s about trying to work a group of people, and their contacts, in order to get something from them. I hate that whole concept, and I’m big enough to admit that part of the reason I hate it is that I suck at it.

Entering a networking event, you can feel the eyes of every attendee fix on you for a few brief seconds, like a pack of hungry wolves. They come up and shake your hand with a poisonously false enthusiasm, and as soon as they work through a quick calculation and conclude that you’re not “important” their eyes start flickering around the room, looking for their next meal.

These people, these net-workers, they want something from you. They want something and they’ll do anything to get it. They want something, and they don’t know what it is, but they’ll sure as hell find out if you can give it to them.

Here is some of his tip to find really people who want to work with you and who will treat you as real person

  1. Only people who genuinely care will chat to you.
  • The people who just want something, and probably want it for free, they will not have a conversation. The people who really care about meeting and enjoying others, will be able to talk with you.

2. Only people who genuinely care will help you anyway.

  • The best thing about people who give a shit, is that they’re the most likely to do something incredibly kind. Because they care about you as a person, not just a lead, they’re the ones who will call you and incite you out for a drink because they want to hang out. Because they genuinely care. And they’ll always put up their hands to help you.

3. Only people who genuinely care will ask you for realistic favors.

  • The people who are trying to network with you always have a big ask. People who care are going to ask for realistic things. They’re the ones who get to know me, and we talk for a while, or suggest a marketing activity they could try.

When i was start to read, i thought Jon Westenberg is negative about concept of networking. But after i done with reading, i figured out he is just pessimistic to people who try to meet others and try to get some benefit from them. And this is really impressive to me and made me look back on myself. Sometimes we only see the people as means of our benefits not as person and i was the definitely one of them. From now on i will not not gonna seek people for my task or my business, instead i will treat others as human being and as friend or as coworker. If we both agree with work together for our task, then we will do networking.

Maybe we need focus on Net socializing before the networking.

Westenberg, J., Mr. (2016, May 24). Networking sucks. Because people don’t give a shit. Retrieved from

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