Async / Await

It’s been about two weeks since the launch of my first series on JavaScript Promises. I’m grateful to those who’ve purchased the series and all the great feedback I’ve received! It takes a lot of time and effort to record a series (more than I assumed) so it means a lot!

My desire is to take what I’ve shared about Promises a step further and show how Async / Await can help make your code even more concise and easier to reason about.

Async / Await is the next evolutionary step towards making your asynchronous code look and feel more synchronous.

Promises help solve many of the pain points of Callback Hell by providing an expressive syntax to control asynchronous flow. Async / Await takes Promises a step further by adding a bit a syntatic sugar to the mix.

I’m aiming to release the series around the end of October, 2017. For those who’ve purchased the JavaScript Promises series, I’ll be sending a 50% discount code for the Async / Await series!


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