Async / Await — Coming Oct 23, 2017!

I’m excited to announce that my Async / Await video series is nearing completion and will launch October 23! I’m very happy on how it’s turning out and I think there is something for everybody in there.

I’ve learned a ton about Promises while also advancing my understanding of recording great screencasts. I took the feedback from many of you and applied it to my latest series on Async / Await. My hope as always is that you’ll come away with something you can utilize immediately.

There are a few misconceptions about Async / Await in that some believe it replaces Promises altogether. Async / Await actually uses Promises under the hood and you should have a fundamental understanding of Promises before jumping into Async / Await head first.

I definitely recommend checking out the Promises Series before watching the Async / Await series

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