JavaScript Promises — Launched!

Update: I’ve started recording a follow-up series on Async / Await! Check out the announcement.

After 2 months and many hours of recording and editing, I’m excited to announce the JavaScript Promises series has been launched!

This series has been a joy to record and figure out how to explain Promises in a manner that clicks for developers. I tried to gear the entire series toward the beginner -> intermediate JavaScript developer, but I hope people of all levels will benefit from it.

The course consists of 10 videos and 35+ minutes of easy-to-digest content.

I’ve also included the Codepen examples I used in the series.


01 — Introduction
 02 — Synchronous vs. Asynchronous JavaScript
 03 — Do you Promise?
 04 — What is a Promise?
 05 — resolve() and reject() in Real Life
 06 — Chaining Promises
 07 — More on Rejection
 08 — Fetching Data from a Server
 09 — Promise.all() the Things
 10 — Debugging Promises


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