App Review: Push-Ups. Getting Fit, Done Right!

Disclaimer: We are not sponsored by the app reviewed in any way, shape, or form. All that is written below comes from our own unbiased opinion.

A lot of people have the will and desire to get Fit, but do not know how to do it. If you are one of those people, don’t worry, we found the app that might just be perfect for you! Meet Push-Ups Getting Fit, Done Right!

Here at Android Circle we are huge sports freaks, so we test drive almost every new sports app, in order to help you to pick the best one. 
A lot of times, we do not write the review because the app is just average, it’s not future rich, developers does not update it regularly or it just lacks in the design department. 
But today we have found and app that has it all! 
Today we are going to give you, our honest review of the app that we think it is going to help you achieve your goals.

What does the app offer?!

No matter how good something looks, or functions, if it is not feature rich, people tend to use it once or twice and then forget about it, or ignore it. 
Well Push-Ups certainly has all the box checked. Since we purchased the app, we’ve already gotten 3 updates, and that is always a good first sign, that money was well invested.

You can chose from 5 different Training plans;

• Cluster,

• Paused Repetitions,

• Systematic Progression,

• DUP,

• Isometric Training.

Furthermore, each of those training plans can be customised by you liking, that means you can create a workout that best suits your needs. 
If we go and dig even a bit deeper, we can found that you can customise basically every little aspect of your workout.

Here is the features breakdown:

• Custom break time for each training plan, deactivate break time

• Start easily from scratch with more weight or another Push-Ups variant

• Adjust your training plan to your physical level. Adjust every plan at any time. When you had a longer break, simply adjust it again for the best results

• Get notified for every new workout in every training plan at a custom time.

When you decide for the training plan, it is time to workout! 
Make a plan, and then work hard to crush it!

And during every workout you have the option to take a break while you are tired, and continue when you feel you can. You can complete your workout anytime during the day. You can take a break while having a workout and continue it anytime within the day
Every push up that you make during the workout will be always saved to your personal statistic.

Speaking of statistics, the app syncs with the Google Fit App, and your data is always right there for you to check. And as you can see it below, it’s very detailed too!

• Your sessions can be automatically saved to your Google Fit account. 
As with regular activities, your sessions will be displayed in Google Fit with the duration, the amount of done push-ups and the type of the activity (Workout, Record, Additional Push-Ups).

• All data is always up to date on all of your devices in real time

• Calendar View: View your push-ups activity days. By clicking at a activity day, you will receive day specific statistics.

• Monthly chart displays sessions per day, the repetitions and a average tendency per week.

• Get interesting information and tendencies per day, month, year and in total.

• Establish a new record regularly.

• Record statistics.

All Training plans were created by Patrick Neukirch. 
Patrick is a German sports scientist, certified personal trainer, coach and functional nutrition coach. He put all of the expertise that he gained over the years of training, studying and helping others. Knowledge is power, and this app is full of it!

Power of knowledge!

So you can avoid mistakes, and progress faster.

In order to get the most out of your workout there are recommendations, that helps you to avoid common mistakes, just by reading the recommendations about everything related to push-ups.

Push-up variations
There are a lot! And every single one is explained in details.

• Overview of Push-Ups Variations

• Every variation is explained with a short description, via YouTube videos and images

App is designed to help you get the most out of your workout!

You can keep it simple or make it more complex. No matter who you are, just a beginner or a pro, you can find something that will suit you.

Push-Ups recognition, triggering & feedback
App does it for you, so you can concentrate on the right breathing during the workout.

• Push-ups will be automatically recognised within a distance of around 2–5 cm from the front of your device You can put a book below your device for easier recognising

• Click on the screen. You can either use your head or nose to trigger it, or click through a set manual.

• You can get vibration and, or acoustic feedback for a completed push-up.

• Custom vibration duration.

• Change sound effect.

Motivational quotes
There is always a point when you feel you can’t go any further, keep your moral all time high with the included motivational quotes.

• Get a new motivational quote at every start of the app or view all quotes

• New quotes are being added regularly

Modern, and material all the way!

Design is one of the best we saw out of any fitness apps, it looks and feels modern and hip. All of the elements are very well made, everything just seem to fit together very well. Additional plus is that app supports tablets, and it looks good doing so.

Make it yours!
You can change the look of the app, you can make it your own.

• Change the main app color. Select from 150+ predefined colors or make a custom color, app that let’s you customise will never get boring!

• Change the background color, do you like darker colours? No problem. Do you like warm colours, no problem! You can really make it your own.

Fitted to your liking
If you don’t like it, you can change it. If you don’t need it, you can hide it.

• Beautiful minimalist and flexible design.

• Displays the overall amount of push-ups.

• Displays the amount of remaining push-ups.

• Displays the needed time.

• Skip break through a long click.

Who has created the app?

App was created by Maximilian Keppeler (Remember the name!!) Is the developer that stands behind another awesome health app Water Reminder + Journal (review coming soon!) and the Glim icon packs
Max is a young, hard working and gifted developers from Germany, who primary develops apps for Health and Fitness. He has a passion for detail and loves sport and coding.

We highly recommend you to check out Max’s Google + Group Health & Fitness Apps, where you can find out what are the projects he is currently working on, and how they are progressing.

Closing words of wisdom

If you are looking for the app, that will help you bring your fitness level to the next level, the app that works awesome, looks and feels modern and it is made in material way, we can tell you from the first hand, that this is it. 
We were been using the app for a bit over a month now, and the progress is showing for every single member of our staff! 
So we are feeling very comfortable, recommending the app to you guys.

Updates are regular, and there are new features being added constantly. Developer is always open for your feedback, and he tries his best to incorporate your ideas in his app.

App has 4 plans for you to chose from 
- 1 Month that is 0.59€ (approx. 0.60$) 
- 3 Month that is 0.99€ (approx. 1$)
- 1 Year that is 1.99€ (approx. 2$)
- Lifetime (The one we recommend!!) that is 3.99€ (approx. 4$)

And because Max believes in his app, he included 14 days FREE trial phase for you to try out, before you buy the app!

If you have any questions, email us at