Corvy Icon Pack Review

Here at Android Circle, we’ve reviewed icon packs before. This article is a review of a brand-new icon pack that just hit the Google Play Store. Its name is Corvy, by Max Patchs.

Max Patchs is an incredible artist. Although slightly new to the icon pack game, he is crushing it with his first icon pack, Ango. Averaging a perfect-yet-rare 5.0-star rating over 600+ reviews (at the time of this writing), Ango has been a huge success. I personally bought the icon pack as soon as it was released, and it has been my go-to icon pack over every single other icon pack I own.

A few weeks ago, Google released the first developer preview of Android O. One of the big features of the new operating system is Adaptive Icons. The idea is that there is a foreground and background, and the background is cropped to the system’s default shape. (See below)

Max saw this, and from it took inspiration for an icon pack. The result is Corvy.

Now for the review. For those of you who are curious, it uses Jahir Fiquitiva’s IconShowcase-Dashboard, one of the best icon pack dashboards around. The icons apply easily, as with most icon packs. I was using Nova Launcher as my launcher.

The icons are absolutely beautiful. I can tell how meticulously crafted each and every icon is, and the hard work really shows. The colors really pop, and the icons just feel really good.

Corvy comes with 1,000 icons right off the bat. Max Patchs has proven to be a very active artist/designer, updating Ango weekly, with around 100 icons every update. It is only natural to assume that he will update Corvy in a similar way.

This icon pack also comes with 5 KWGT/Zooper widgets, which is a very welcome addition.

Tell me that doesn’t look DOPE!

Now… for the complaint/criticism. The only gripe I have is this: looking at the app drawer, it is extremely hard to tell what app is what by the icons. Personally, I turn off the text for my launcher, as it feels redundant. When using Corvy, however, I really felt the need for the text. It is hard to tell what icon is what at first glance as the actual differentiating foreground icon is tiny; you almost need to look closely at the icons every time.

Second: all the different icon background shapes are a little annoying. It would be nice if they’d all be a single shape, with the other shapes as alt icons. This is, however, simply personal preference.

Those two criticisms aside, I still really love Corvy. It effortlessly provides a unique look to anybody’s home screen.

All in all, I believe Corvy is an elegant icon pack that, despite my previous two criticisms, is definitely worth the money. Check it out on the Google Play Store here.

Disclaimer: Max graciously provided us with the app for free for review. This is not a paid review, and I have done my best to keep it objective as possible.