HOW TO : Enable Google Now in non-supported countries.

Here is how i managed to get Google Now to work in my “non-supported country”. I’ve been using this method on my device from KitKat, Lollipop to Marshmallow and NOUGAT !


What you will need :

  • A Rooted Android device.
  • Location Report Enabler app that you can grab from the github description page.
  • A normally working brain.

Let’s do magic :

1- Install the Location Report Enabler app and launch it.

2- Grant the SuperSU permission to LRE.

3- Wait until you see a toast message from LRE telling you that the magic is working.

4- Open the Google App’s settings, navigate to Accounts & Privacy.

5- Hit Google Account and log out of your account

6- Reboot your device.

7- As soon as it boots you should see a toast message from LRE

8- Redo the step 4 and hit Google Account then log back in

9- You should see a Google Now welcome screen, scroll down and hit i’m.

Note : if it doesn’t work, remove LRT and try again sometimes you have to repeat the process a few times to get it to work, but i can guarantee it does.

And here you go, you have sucessfully enabled Google Now, you can fully unroot your device and remove LRE you will keep Google Now until you wipe the Google App’s data. you can safely update the app everything will work. ( In case you are using a Nexus like me on an M Preview build you can reflash the stock boot and system img without doing a factory reset, this way you will remove the root, get your stock kernel back and keep Google Now).

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