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Battery Status: Android

Battery status

if you want to know the battery status or hardware status of the android device, here you can see all the details using the ADB.

You can dump the battery status with the following command:

adb shell dumpsys battery

When I run the command, I get the following output:

battery status

although it is in the output, it temperature: 250is the battery temperature. The
value is 10 times the temperature (Celsius), so 250it 25 ℃is a good idea.

The service class that manages battery status is BatteryService .
Battery status data is defined in HealthInfo.

Similarly, if want to check the audio status you can dumsys the audio using the following command:

adb shell dumpsys audio

Similarly, you can find other service dumpsys using the settings command.

adb shell dumpsys settings

I hope you enjoyed the small session. If you have any comments or questions or suggestions, please join the forum discussion below!

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