Time To Redeem On Some Mobile Apps

Raiscara Avalon
Oct 4, 2019 · 2 min read

Find out who is real, and who isn’t.

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Since today is the last day of the month, I’m working on app redemptions — and naturally, playing those I’ve either already redeemed or had to rollover due to there being no redemptions/not enough points for one. The apps had varying amounts of actual playtime too. The redemption process can take up to 10 days for some of these apps, so I haven’t received any prizes as of right now.

Current List of Apps/Redemptions:

Mistplay: $10 Virtual Visa

AppStation: Paypal — $2.50, $1, $1

CashAlarm: Paypal — $2.50, $1, $1

Lucktastic: Rollover

Lucky Day: Rollover

Lucky Money: $2 Amazon

Lucky Gold: Rollover

Giftloop: $1 Amazon

Lucky Scratch: Rollover

Lucky Time: $1 Amazon

I probably missed some, as I have a lot of apps on my phone currently! I’m almost always trying out new apps, and getting rid of the ones that aren’t as fun or have gotten stale. I have also added some new apps to my rotation to test out.

New Apps:

Lucky Everyday

Scratch Day



Lucky Dollar

Crystal Winner

Prize Fiesta

I run on a one strike, their out rule. If they don’t pay me within the time frame given, I cash out whatever I may have collected and delete the app. There are too many apps out there to waste time on one that won’t do what they say they are going to. I just don’t have time for that mess.

Since I wrote this (30 Sept 2019) I have received several of the payments! I have received payments from Mistplay, AppStation, Lucky Money, and Giftloop so far. Not a lot, granted, but every little bit counts! Those are just referral links if you want to use them. Share the love and all that. :)

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Android Mobile App Reviews

Reviews of mobile apps that can be found in Google Play.

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