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100 Days Of Code in Open Source

What I got in 100 days and what you can get from Open Source?

My GitHub Contributions Graph

First questions first! Why open source?

100 Days of Open Source

My GitHub Contribution Graph —No single gray box since April 1, 2018

Stats of My Contributions on Open Source

Stats of My 100 Days on GitHub

The Surprises I Got in 100 Days

Job Offers

Freelance Projects & Remote Work

A Library Became #1 on GitHub Trending for 2 Days

It took a lots of hard work, consistency, 1000s of lines of code, and 100s of hours spent on compiler to be in the list of GitHub Trending. Its NOT an overnight success story.

MediumClap-Android is on #1 on GitHub Trending in Kotlin Language

Recognition in Local and Global Community

Conclusion and What’s Next?



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