100 Days Of Code in Open Source

What I got in 100 days and what you can get from Open Source?

My GitHub Contributions Graph

First questions first! Why open source?

Open source is all about sharing and caring. It teaches you collaboration. It teaches you to appreciate others hard work. It teaches you to respect the licenses and avoid piracy. It teaches you to make things better by contributing yourself. And it teaches you a lot of other things.

100 Days of Open Source

I got into open source by a very interesting coincidence, which I shared in an article last year here. Since then, I have tried to contribute regularly. But, still I got some off days. As I was doing more open source, I was becoming addicted to it. And my heart wanted to put more and more code outside. In a matter of weeks, I started thinking about everything from open source perspective.

My GitHub Contribution Graph —No single gray box since April 1, 2018

Stats of My Contributions on Open Source

I know you are eager to hear about what is it that I have done in 100 days. I say I have contributed something daily for consecutive 100 days. So what’s that something? Let’s look at the picture below for that.

Stats of My 100 Days on GitHub

The Surprises I Got in 100 Days

Honestly, I never expected these. I was doing open source just to keep myself happy and active in developers community. It was giving me lots of good impression in my office, my friends, my community, and myself. So I kept going on. But, out of nowhere, I started getting different opportunities. These were the opportunities I couldn’t even dream of.

Job Offers

I have got 6 job offers from Canada, Germany, Singapore, China, and Australia. These came through email. And all emails started with line like this:

Freelance Projects & Remote Work

I got 4 freelance projects and 2 remote working paid offers on hourly basis. I did only 1 and declined all rest due to time constraints. Since, my lots of time is spent on work and then open source and writing, so it becomes a lot harder for me to focus on freelance or other projects. But, if you are any service providing developer or company, you should definitely put your code on GitHub and contribute more. This will bring lots of clients to your side as GitHub builds trust in clients’ minds about your code quality and ability to develop.

A Library Became #1 on GitHub Trending for 2 Days

As a developer, this is like a dream come true. I never expected this. I wouldn’t say that I was lucky. Rather I have got to say that:

It took a lots of hard work, consistency, 1000s of lines of code, and 100s of hours spent on compiler to be in the list of GitHub Trending. Its NOT an overnight success story.

The library was MediumClap-Android and it has so far 285 stars on Github.

MediumClap-Android is on #1 on GitHub Trending in Kotlin Language

Recognition in Local and Global Community

Its been about 2 years in Open Source and writing on Medium. But, its been just now that my work is getting recognition around the local and global community. The MediumClap-Android library has been featured in various newsletters, which I couldn’t expect for ever.

Conclusion and What’s Next?

My next is same as the current. I will keep doing open source and writing on Medium. And I would really recommend all the developers, new or experienced, to start contributions on open source and help each other and move forward a step towards better and collaborative software.

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