11 Golden Rules For Android App Development

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5 min readJan 10, 2020


It is an undeniable fact that mobile users’ first preference is application. The application plays a vital role in easing the task of users. Before applications were not invented, it was a hassle task for the user to get the goods and services.

For example, there are famous applications such as OLA, Uber, Zomato, and Swiggy that have relieved the task of the user. It saves a lot of time for the user and gets the service at their doorstep.

There are a plethora of applications in the market that contributes in easing the lives of users. According to statista, there are about 2.47M apps in the Google Play Store in the first quarter of 2019.

Android has always been user-friendly, and that makes it preferable. Unlike Apple, Android doesn’t have any guidelines to follow for building applications.

You need to follow simple but golden rules that can uplift your application and can cover your target audience.

❖ Understanding User Requirement

The first and foremost key factor for building an android application is analyzing the solution for the problem.

The user might be looking for a digital solution for their problem, and that wave of problem would be common in the market.

You need to figure out that problem, which might become an opportunity to build an application and solve their query.There are web developers available for hire who can also help you in understanding the problem or the requirements and develop an app accordingly.

If you understand the requirement of the user, then it will be easier for you to craft an application. The user accepts the solution that caters to their problem and effectively eradicates it.

❖ Responsive User Interface

One of the golden rules of the Android Application Development includes Responsive User Interface. It engages the users into highly-intuitive apps that enhance their experience as well as cater to their requirements.

Also, it is built by setting the viewpoint right by fixing the width so that everything in the screen can be adjustable according to the screen size.

Moreover, the additional elements such as images, videos, or frames should be organized in such a way that it best fit in all types of screen sizes.

❖ Accept Only C/C++ programming language calls

When the writer of this application runs from the most derived class to the base class, it is important to avoid the virtual method calls. The .NET method increases the chances of a virtual method calls as the object begins on a more determined type.

❖ Performance

Numerous devices in the market have different screen sizes, functionalities, and also company manufacturers. Along with the plethora of apps, there should be an eye on the performance of the application.

Building an application requires meticulous research on different factors, and those different factors are considered to be vital while checking the performance of the application.

❖ Functionality and Creativity

If there will be a balance between functionality and creativity, then the android apps will work effectively. The developer should build the feature and functionality that will represent the developer’s practical judgment. The practical judgment is based on customer and business requirements.

The other side reflects the following of the long-term and short-term objective and use of software apps and budgetary control. If you think that the idea is effective and beneficial, then go ahead and implement it.

❖ Integer Vs. Buoy

Use Bouy only when you require acute precision. The reason to not use the Buoy is that the CPU of a mobile device is not advance as of desktop.

Also, Buoy consumes more space than integers. Moreover, the Buoy consumes more than the actual number of space than the integer in the app development.

High precision is not a crucial issue in android apps. It means that when you plan to build an application, using integer that executes tailor-made fixed-point math will allow you to have control over accuracy without hampering the space of the application.

Buoying takes double the time than Integer, but their functionalities in terms of speed are the same. It would be best if you always took advice from your app development company to build the application choosing the best out of two.

❖ Selection of Right Approach

The selection of the correct approach is important as it is directly related to the time and budget factor. One should always go through the pros and cons of the right approach. Be it Native, Hybrid, or HTML5 mobile application, you should always extract the benefits of it.

These approaches might help you in deciding the right platform for app development. Also, it will help you know how your idea can be converted to a virtual platform.

❖ Build Right Prototype

Prototypes can be the right choice for showcasing the power of different technologies. In the world of digitalization, nobody would like to read the article but will surely love the digital presentation.

After you identify the approach, you should build the prototype with basic functionalities and present it to the potential buyers so that they can understand the benefits of it.

The prototype would help in attracting potential customers as they will be able to use the live project and would better understand the scope of the project.

❖ Tools Integration

As an app owner, you should integrate an analytics tool that provides you a descriptive picture of the traffic that your application handles.

This will give you an idea about the interested customers who might become a potential customer after going through the app and its services.

Several effective mobile analytics tools can help you in tracking the traffic:

● Localytics

● Mixpanel

● Flurry

● Google Analytics

● Preemptive

❖ Update Your Application On Regular Basis

Upgrading is an essential part of the application. The users always expect the upgradation in the feature or its functionalities, which can either enhance the customer experience or provide them additional features.

The app owner should constantly update and deliver never-seen-before features that can help in retaining the existing customer and bringing in new and potential customers.

Any app without updation or upgradation is likely to diminish its position or place in the app store, and would not become the favorable app for the users.

❖ Testing

You can always do Beta-Testing and also get feedback from the customer to understand where the app is lacking and what are the strong areas of the application.

Also, it enhances the presence in the app store and reduces product risk. You should always run beta testing before the launch of the application and target your customers. The testing would eradicate the possible bugs and deliver quality apps.


The above article would explain in detail the golden rules of building applications. If you consider these points and work on it accordingly, you can surely win the market and reach the maximum audience.

Following the above rules would help you in crafting a highly intuitive application. The above are important factors that contribute hugely to building a world-class application and reach out to potential users.


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