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A tool to help keeping up with Android development

The Android ecosystem is constantly evolving and sometimes we can’t explore new technologies right now. So, we have to bookmark all those articles to read them later.

Bookmarking resources is great but personally if I don’t read the article right now and I bookmark it, I’ll never read it so I’m not really using bookmarks anymore. And of course, when I’m really interested about that specific topic I can’t find it. That’s why I created a tool to help finding resources on a specific topic based on several filters. If you’re interested by this tool, keep reading or click here ;)

All Android resources related to Room

Keeping up with Android development

In this article, I won’t specifically talk about the different ways to keep up with Android dev because Andras Kindler already wrote a nice article about it:

Here is a TL;DR of the different ways to keep up with Android development

But if I have to choose only one way to keep up with Android dev I’ll definitely go with Twitter as probably all links will be shared there.

How to find easily the resource you are looking for

Reading an article which give some tips or pitfalls about a particular technology is great. But if we are not using this same technology right now it’s very likely that we do not remember about all the details. So, at this moment we want to find this article again and that’s where we can lose quite a few times. That’s why a created the website to gather and categorize Android related resources. aggregation of Android related resources for developers

For now, resources are categorized amongst 6 types: article, podcast, video, tool, slide and book. Moreover, each resource is associated with its author(s) and some tags. This way it’s very easy to find all resources about a particular topic.

If you want to test this tool go there:

If you have any suggestion to improve this tool feel free to leave a comment ;) And If you want to suggest links you can go there:




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