Android Development : Some of the best practices

Abderrazak Laanaya
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2 min readMar 22, 2016


Hi! After a modest number of projects I’ve decided to share with you some of the things that experience made me learn, I mean the hard way.

Here is the selection:

  • Think twice before adding any third party library, it’s really a serious commitment
  • Don’t use a database unless you really need to
  • You can think about realm it’s really awesome!
  • Hitting the 65k method count mark is gonna happen fast, I mean really fast! And Multidexing can save you
  • RxJava is the best alternative to AsyncTasks and so much more
  • Retrofit is the best networking library there is
  • Don’t write your own HTTP client, use Volley or OkHttp libraries
  • Shorten your code with RetroLambda
  • Combine RxJava with Retrofit and RetroLambda for maximum awesomeness!
  • I use event Bus and it’s great, but I don’t use it too much because the codebase would get really messy
  • Package by Feature, not layers
  • Move everything off the application thread, that’s can save you from ANR
  • lint your views to help you optimize the layouts and layout hierarchies so you can identify redundant views that could perhaps be removed
  • Use Gradle and its recommended project structure
  • Put passwords and sensitive data in
  • Use styles to avoid duplicate attributes in layout XMLs
  • Do not make a deep hierarchy of ViewGroups
  • Monitor power source and battery more data updates while charging? Suspend updates when battery is low?
  • You can think about JobScheduler
  • onLowMemory() it will be called when the whole System runs low on memory, not your App, so you can’t exactly avoid OOMs with it.
  • Drain battery is 30% (image, animation, …), and 70% (Analytics, ads, maps, gps)
  • Monitor connectivity and type of connection (more data updates while on wifi?)
  • Use the Account Manager to suggest login usernames and email addresses
  • Give your methods a clear name for what they are going to do
  • The launch screen is a user’s first experience of your application
  • Do not show the launch screen if you don’t have to
  • Tests are great for performance: Write slow (but correct) implementation then verify optimizations don’t break anything with tests
  • Keep your colors.xml short and DRY, just define the palette
  • Also keep dimens.xml DRY, define generic constants
  • In reality perfExternal is rarely used as an application on the external storage is stopped once the device is connected to a computer and mounted as USB storage
  • Use StringBuffer or Stringbuilder classes when there is a lot of modifications to string of characters
  • To avoid Memory Leaks :

1. Don’t reference View inside AsyncCallback

2. Don’t reference View from static object

3. Avoid putting views inside collection that’s don’t have clear memory pattern, you can use WeakHasMap

  • FlatBuffers is an efficient cross platform serialization library, so use it
  • Serializable it’s simple to implement, but in term of performance it’s really bad :(

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