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Android DTT #18 — Copy History

When I refactor some code, I found myself in need to copy and paste a lot of things. Whether it’s adding a field that is needed in many classes. Putting a method call in many activities. Or just moving some code around.

For example, I’m adding a dependencies to my presenters, UserRepository, SettingRepository and FeedRepository.

This is the code that will be add to the presenter in need:

protected UserRepository userRepository;
protected SettingRepository settingRepository;
protected FeedRepository feedRepository;

But not all presenters would need all of them. Some presenters only need one of them.

I can copy the entire code above and delete the repository which the presenter doesn’t need.

That’s so old school.

What I prefer to do is to copy each of the field and keep it on the copy history. Then I pressed CMD+SHIFT+V instead of only CMD+V to bring up a dialog, which I can choose which to paste.

AS can keep track 5 last text copy you made. This will be sure come in handy.

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