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📆 AndroidPub - Year In Review 2019

📈 Crossing 50k followers, we are now in Top 100 Medium Publications

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✋ Hello AndroidPub’s Beloved Readers!

😍 Wishing you all very Happy New Year and hoping that this coming decade will bring you all desires.

🔥 Some Highlights of 2019

AndroidPub has crossed 50,000 followers and is now the 92nd top publication on Medium. With️ over 18,000 visitors daily, AndroidPub has got over 7,000,000 i-e 7 million views in 2019 year. This means AndroidPub gets more than 30,000 views daily.

But Medium prefers reading time more than the views. And AndroidPub is no less in that too. It has achieved a 10 Million minutes reading time spent by the awesome readers like you (🙏 Thank You).

In total, over 240 stories has been published on AndroidPub but the amazing writers, without them there would have been no AndroidPub today. We are very thankful for your contributions and hope that this publication brings you joy and great readers for your precious words.

🥁 Top 19 Stories of AndroidPub in 2019

Here are the top 19 stories published in 2019 with the views from 273k to 10k views. In the order of highest views a story got first:

🙏 We would like to extend a very generous thank you for your support, readership, and writing for us.


Wajahat Karim & Team AndroidPub



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