Associate Android Developer Certification Exam

In this article I want to educate fellow Android Developers regarding the Android certification program by Google. I am one of the early bird who passed the exam, YAY!
So I want to answer the frequent questions I get when I met lots of Android Developers, also share my experience of the exam and some related stuff.

Associate Android Developer was announced during Google I/O 2016 by Google Developer Training Team.

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What’s Associate Android Developer Certification?

Associate Android Developer Certification is a performance exam where you write real apps to show your skill and validate yourself. It is a practical test where you need to build an real Android app.

This certification requires you to have knowledge about Android. So Google Developer Certification website and see if you have required skills to take the exam.

The exam is not really about getting passed or failed. It’s about validating your skills as an Android developer.

The exam is based in 2 parts:

1. Building the app

Once you complete the payment. You’ll be given

UPDATE 2: Now it’s only 8 hours

UPDATE 1: Now 24 hours

4̶8̶ ̶h̶o̶u̶r̶s̶ to build the app, design the UI, test it and fix the bugs. Don’t worry all the UI requirements, feature list and even list of bugs will be provided to you. All of this with a template code upon which you’ll need to write code to build the complete app.

My experience:

I felt the exam wasn’t extremely difficult considering my 3.5 years of experience in Android. It was fun to code and I like the way exam is where we build the app instead of multiple choice questions (MCQs). As mentioned it covers almost all the topics mentioned in the syllabus

2. Exit Interview

Once you complete and submit the app within 48 hours. You’ll receive mail to choose your convenient time for the exit interview.

The exit interview will be taken though video call by one of the member from the certification team who has knowledge about Android.
You have to show your identity proof issued by any government authorized body at the starting of the interview.

Note: In case your identity verification fails for a particular identity proof, then try some other identity proof or contact the certification team

After that, interviewer will ask you to explain your work and the tasks you performed in the practical exam. Interviewer will also ask you some questions related to basic and technical fundamentals of the Android to validate your skill level. Exit interview will take about 15 to 30 minutes.

Once you complete the interview, you will receive the final result within couple of weeks.

Why you should take the exam?

It helps you achieve goals career wise and job wise.

I think if your novice developer or thinking to become an Android developer then go ahead and validate yourself.

Of course your massive years of experience and your app portfolio is much more useful. But the certification adds it own value to your resume. Especially for people who are starting or in beginner level of Android.

Ready to apply for the exam?

  • Read the syllabus on Google Developer Certification website and see if you have those skills and knowledge
  • Sign up for the exam on the same website
  • The fee for the exam is USD 149 or INR 6500 (In India) at the time of writing this post

Benefits of the exam

  • It will authenticate your skills as an Android Developer
  • You’ll get an official badge from Google which I think is pretty dope to put on your Resume or LinkedIn
  • You’ll get to be part of Google Developer Certification Summit which happened in India this year (April — 2017). I think it will be a yearly event.

PS: I have added a video of the Summit below

PS: I’m not sure if the Google Developer Certification Summit will be happening for other other countries

Frequently asked questions

  1. Can I use 3rd party libraries?
    No. You won’t need to use them.
  2. I already have X+ years of experience, should I still take?
    Yes. I think there is no harm in giving the exam even if you have huge amount of experience. It will validate your skills by Google itself.
  3. Are professional or higher level certification programs coming?
    At this point there is no official statement but yeah there are rumors and the Certification Team has given hints about it. But still we can’t say for sure.
  4. Will I get job opportunities?
    It totally depends upon you and the employer, that said the certification does give you additional benefit. Moreover the Certification Team is working really hard in promoting the value of certification to employer as well as employee.
  5. Will I get a paper certificate to show?
    No. Right now you only get badge (digital) which you can put in your Resume or LinkedIn to show off.
  6. Is there a validity on the certification after passing?
    Yes, there is a validity of 3 years. That’s because Android APIs keep changing/updated and things change very quickly with every Android release. To keep AAD holders up-to-date the Certification Team decided to put 3 years validity after which you’ll need to re-validate your skills with the latest Android APIs and stuff.
    That said you can choose if you want to re-validate or not. If you don’t re-validate then you’ll be known to have older skill set rather than the latest one.

What’s next?

There are rumors about a higher level exam for Android coming up soon. I think once Associate Android Developer starts gaining traction. The Certification Team will launch the next level(s) of the Android Certification Program.

May the code be with you! Have fun with exam!

Good luck!

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