Crack Top Android Development Company Interview

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Java interview questions

Java basic interview knowledge points

Java in-depth source-level interview questions (difficult)

Data structure

Threads, multithreading and thread pool

Knowledge points about concurrent programming

Usually, less concurrent programming can be done in Android development. The Thread class is often used, but if we want to improve ourselves, we must not stay on the surface. We should also learn about java’s thread-related source code thing.

Android interview questions

Android basics

Android source code related analysis

Some common principle problems

Some common problems in the development

Advanced development technology interview questions


Network and security mechanisms



Plug-in, modularization, componentization, hot repair, incremental update, Gradle

Architecture design and design mode

Performance optimization

NDK, jni, Binder, AIDL, process communication

Framework layer, ROM customization, Ubuntu, Linux, and other issues

Cross-platform Hybrid development


A developer is responsible for developing a framework and system applications for devices powered by the Android operating system.

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