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Crack Top Android Development Company Interview

The interviewer in interviews asked these questions with top-tier Internet companies. Familiarity with the knowledge points listed in this article will greatly increase the chance of passing the first two rounds of technical interviews.

Mainly divided into the following parts:

(1) Java interview questions

(2) Android interview questions

(3) Advanced development technology interview questions

(4) Cross-platform Hybrid development

Java interview questions

Mastering java is very important. Large companies not only require you to use a few APIs, but also require you to be familiar with the principles of source code implementation, and even require you to know what are the deficiencies, how to improve, and some Java-related algorithms, Design patterns, etc.

Java basic interview knowledge points

The difference between == and equals and hashCode in java

How many bytes each int, char, and long occupy

The difference between int and integer

Explore the understanding of java polymorphism

Difference between String, StringBuffer, StringBuilder

What is the internal class? The role of inner classes

The difference between abstract classes and interfaces

The meaning of abstract class

Application scenarios of abstract classes and interfaces

Can abstract classes have no methods and properties?

The meaning of the interface

The difference between extends and super in generics

Can the child class override the static method of the parent class?

The difference between process and thread

The difference between final, finally, and finalize


The difference between Serializable and Parcelable

Can static properties and static methods be inherited? Can it be rewritten? And why?

Design Intent of Static Inner Class

Understanding of member internal class, static internal class, local internal class, and anonymous internal class, and application in the project

Talk about understanding kotlin

The difference between closures and local inner classes

The method and principle of converting the string to integer

Java in-depth source-level interview questions (difficult)

Under what circumstances will the object be disposed of by the garbage collection mechanism?

Tell me about common coding methods?

How many bytes does English in UTF-8 encoding take; how many bytes is int?

What is the difference between static proxy and dynamic proxy?

Java’s exception system

Talk about your understanding of parsing and assignment.

Modify the signature of the equals method of object A, so which equals method will be called when using HashMap to store this object instance?

What is the mechanism for implementing polymorphism in Java?

How to serialize a Java object into a file?

Talk about your understanding of Java reflection

Talk about your understanding of Java annotations

Talk about your understanding of dependency injection

Talk about the principle of generics and give examples

Understanding of String in Java

Why should String be designed to be immutable?

Object equal and hashCode method rewrite, why?

Data structure

Introduction to common data structures

What does concurrent collection know?

List Java collections and the inheritance relationship between collections

Collection class and collection framework

Introduction to the container class and the difference between them (the container class is estimated that many people do not listen to this term. Java containers can be divided into four parts: List list, Set collection, Map mapping, and tool class (Iterator iterator, Enumeration enumeration class Arrays and Collections)

The difference between List, Set, Map

List and Map implementation and storage

The realization principle of HashMap

HashMap data structure?

HashMap source code understanding

How to put data in HashMap (explain from the perspective of HashMap source code)?

How to implement HashMap by hand?

Implementation principle of ConcurrentHashMap

Comparison of ArrayMap and HashMap

HashTable implementation principle

TreeMap implementation

The difference between HashMap and HashTable

The difference between HashMap and HashSet

How do HashSet and HashMap judge duplicate elements in a set?

How does Set prevent Hash to prevent collision?

The difference between ArrayList and LinkedList, and application scenarios

The difference between arrays and linked lists

Concrete implementation of depth-first traversal and breadth-first traversal of binary trees

The structure of the heap

The difference between heap and tree

What is the difference between heap and stack in memory (answer hint: you can answer from two aspects of data structure and actual implementation)?

What is deep copy and shallow copy

Handwritten linked list reverse order code

Tell me about the understanding of trees, B + trees

Tell me about the understanding of the picture

To judge whether a singly linked list is looped?

Linked list flip (ie: flip a single necklace watch)

Merging multiple single-ordered linked lists (assuming all are increasing)

Threads, multithreading and thread pool

Three ways to start threads?

The difference between threads and processes?

Why are there threads, not just processes?

The difference between run () and start () methods

How to control the number of concurrent access threads for a method?

The difference between wait and sleep() methods in Java;

Talk about the understanding of the wait / notify keyword

What causes the thread to block?

How do threads close?

Tell me about the synchronization method in java

How to ensure data consistency?

How to ensure thread safety?

How to achieve thread synchronization?

Can both processes write or read at the same time? How to prevent process synchronization?

Inter-thread operation List

Life cycle of objects in Java

Synchronized usage

Principle of synchronize

Talk about the understanding of Synchronized keywords, class locks, method locks, reentrant locks

Multi-threaded access and function of static synchronized method

Two synchronized methods in the same class, the problem of simultaneous access by two threads

The principle of volatile

Talk about the usage of volatile keyword

Talk about the role of the volatile keyword

Talk about NIO’s understanding

The difference between synchronized and volatile keywords

The difference between synchronized and Lock

ReentrantLock, synchronized and volatile comparison

ReentrantLock’s internal implementation

lock principle

The four necessary conditions for deadlock?

How to avoid deadlock?

Will object locks and class locks affect each other?

What is a thread pool and how to use it?

Java’s concurrency, multithreading, threading model

Talk about the understanding of multi-threading

What are the issues to be aware of in multithreading?

Talk about your understanding of concurrent programming and give examples

Talk about your understanding of the multi-thread synchronization mechanism?

How to ensure the security of multi-threaded read and write files?

Multithread breakpoint resume transmission principle

Realization of resuming of breakpoint

Knowledge points about concurrent programming

Usually, less concurrent programming can be done in Android development. The Thread class is often used, but if we want to improve ourselves, we must not stay on the surface. We should also learn about java’s thread-related source code thing.

Android interview questions

Android interview questions include Android basics, as well as some source-level, principle, etc. So if you want to go to an interview with a large company, you must look at the source code and implementation methods. Common frameworks can try whether you can implement it by hand and exercise yourself.

Android basics

What are the four components?

The life cycle and simple usage of the four major components

Communication between activities

Activity life cycle under various circumstances

When switching between horizontal and vertical screens, the life cycle of Activity in various situations

Life cycle comparison between Activity and Fragment

Life cycle when pressing the Home button when there is a Dialog on the Activity

Which methods must be executed when jumping between two activities?

The foreground switches to the background, and then back to the foreground, Activity life cycle callback method. Dialog pops up, life cycle callback method.

Comparison of the four startup modes of Activity

Activity state saved in recovery

Fragment life cycle in various situations

Fragment state save startActivityForResult is which class method, under what circumstances?

How to realize the sliding of Fragment?

How to transfer data between fragments?

How does Activity bind to Service?

How to start the corresponding Service in Activity?

How to perform data interaction between service and activity?

Service opening method

Please describe the life cycle of Service

Talk about your understanding of ContentProvider

Talk about the relationship between ContentProvider, ContentResolver, ContentObserver

Please describe the understanding of BroadcastReceiver

Broadcast classification

Ways and scenarios of broadcast use

How to register and use BroadcastReceiver in the manifest and code?

What is the difference between local broadcast and global broadcast?

BroadcastReceiver, LocalBroadcastReceiver difference

AlertDialog, popupwindow, activity difference

The difference between Application and Activity Context objects

Android property animation features

How to import an external database?

Features and comparison of LinearLayout, RelativeLayout, and FrameLayout, and introduces usage scenarios.

Talk about the understanding of interfaces and callbacks

The principle of callback

Write a callback demo

Introduction to SurfView

Use of RecycleView

The role of serialization, and the difference between the two serialization of Android



How to store data in Android

Android source code related analysis

Android animation framework implementation principle

Differences between APIs of Android versions

Requestlayout, onlayout, onDraw, DrawChild difference and connection

The difference and use of invalidate and postInvalidate

The difference between Activity-Window-View

Talk about understanding Volley

How to optimize custom View

How does the low version SDK implement the high version API?

Describe the flow of a network request

HttpUrlConnection and okhttp relationship

Understanding Bitmap objects

looper architecture

The working principle of ActivityThread, AMS, WMS

Custom View how to consider model adaptation

Custom View events

What is the difference between AstncTask + HttpClient and AsyncHttpClient?

LaunchMode application scenarios

How to use AsyncTask?

SpareArray principle

Please introduce how ContentProvider implements data sharing?

Several ways of communication between AndroidService and Activity

What is the principle and role of IntentService?

Talk about the relationship between Activity, Intent, Service

The difference between ApplicationContext and ActivityContext

Is SP synchronized by process? Is there any way to achieve synchronization?

Talk about the use of multi-threading in Android

Process and Application Life Cycle

How to know the size of the view when packaging the view

RecycleView principle

The role and understanding of AndroidManifest

Some common principle problems

Handler mechanism and underlying implementation

The difference between Handler, Thread and HandlerThread

How does the looper start when the handler sends a message to the child thread?

Regarding Handler, what thread is the new Handler in any place?

ThreadLocal principle, implementation and how to ensure the Local property?

Please explain the relationship between Message, Handler, Message Queue, Looper in the single-threaded model

Please describe the View event delivery and distribution mechanism

Touch event delivery process

What is the difference between onTouch and onTouchEvent in event distribution, and how to use it?

What are the callback methods related to event distribution in View and ViewGroup?

View refresh mechanism

View drawing process

Principle of custom control

How does a custom View provide an interface to get View properties?

Implement WAP networking in Android code

AsyncTask mechanism

AsyncTask principle and shortcomings

How to cancel AsyncTask?

Why can’t I update the UI on the child thread?

What is the cause of ANR?

ANR positioning and correction

What is oom?

What causes oom?

Is there any solution to avoid OOM?

Can Oom try catch? why?

What is a memory leak?

What causes a memory leak?

How to prevent memory leaks of threads?

Solution for memory leak field

Difference between memory leak and memory overflow?

LruCache default cache size

ContentProvider permission management (answer: read-write separation, permission control-accurate to table level, URL control)

How to intercept and abort a text message through broadcast?

Can broadcast request network?

What is the time limit of anr caused by broadcasting?

Calculate the nesting level of a view

Activity stack

Is there an upper limit for Android threads?

Is there an upper limit for the thread pool?

What does ListView reuse?

Why did Android introduce Parcelable?

Have you tried to simplify the use of Parcelable

Some common problems in the development

How does the problem of image misalignment in ListView arise?

Do you understand hybrid development?

Know which hybrid development methods? Name their advantages and disadvantages and their respective usage scenarios? (Answer: For example RN, weex, H5, applet, WPA, etc. It is still beneficial to do some understanding of Android-front-end js, etc.);

What are the processing techniques for screen adaptation?

The server only provides a data receiving interface. How to ensure the orderly arrival of data under multi-thread or multi-process conditions?

Understanding dynamic layout

How to remove duplicate code?

Draw the general architecture diagram of Android

The difference between Recycleview and ListView

The principle and solution of ListView image loading disorder

Dynamic permission adaptation scheme, the concept of the permission group

Why did the Android system design ContentProvider?

Does the drop-down status bar affect the life cycle of the activity

If a network request is made during onStop, how to recover it during onResume?

What should you pay attention to when using Bitmap?

Bitmap recycler ()

The main steps to turn on the camera in Android

ViewPager usage details, how to set it to initialize the current Fragment every time, other not initialized?

Click event is intercepted, but want to pass to the View below, how to operate?

Implementation of WeChat main page

The principle of the little red dot on the WeChat message

Introduction to CAS

Advanced development technology interview questions

Here are some high-end Android technologies that large companies need to use. Here I have compiled a document specifically; I hope everyone can look. These topics are a bit technical and need some time to study.


Picture library comparison

Source analysis of image library

Picture frame cache implementation

Principle of LRUCache

Image loading principle

How to do it by yourself to realize the picture library?

Glide source code analysis

What cache does Glide use?

How to control the size of Glide memory cache?

Network and security mechanisms

Network framework comparison and source code analysis

How to do it yourself to design a network request framework?

okhttp source code

Network request cache processing, how does okhttp handle network cache

Load a 10M picture from the network and talk about the precautions

TCP’s 3 handshake and 4 waves

The difference between TCP and UDP

Application of TCP and UDP

HTTP protocol

The difference between HTTP1.0 and 2.0

HTTP message structure

The difference between HTTP and HTTPS and how to achieve security

How to verify the validity of the certificate?

Where is symmetric encryption used in https, and where is asymmetric encryption used? Do you know the encryption algorithm (such as RSA)?

How does the client determine that the message it sent was received by the server?

Talk about your understanding of WebSocket

The difference between WebSocket and socket

Talk about your understanding of Android signature.

Please explain why Android needs to add a signature mechanism?

Video encryption transmission

How are apps sandboxed, and why do they do it?

Permission management system (how is the bottom permission granted)?


sqlite upgrade, add field statement

Database framework comparison and source code analysis

Database optimization

Database data migration issues


What are the sorting algorithms?

What is the fastest sorting algorithm?

Handwriting a bubble sort

Handwritten quick sort code

Quick sorting process, time complexity, space complexity

Handwriting heap sorting

Heap sorting process, time complexity and space complexity

Write the sorting algorithm you know, time-space complexity, stability

Binary tree gives root node and target node, find the path from root node to target node

Which algorithm should be selected for sorting by age for more than 20,000 employees of Ali?

GC algorithm (the advantages and disadvantages of various algorithms and application scenarios)

Ant colony algorithm and Monte Carlo algorithm

Substring inclusion problem (KMP algorithm) write code implementation

An unordered, non-repetitive array outputs N elements, so that the sum of N elements is added as M, giving time complexity and space complexity. Handwriting algorithm

Trillion-level two URL files A and B. How to find the difference C between A and B optimization)

How to try to find the nearest merchant function in Baidu POI (hint: coordinate mirror + R tree).

Find the common elements in two non-repeating array collections.

Of the two non-repeating array collections, these two collections are huge amounts of data, which cannot be put in memory. How to find common elements?

There are 1 million integers in a file, separated by spaces. In the program, determine whether the integer entered by the user is in this file. Say the best way

Calculation of memory occupied by a Bitmap and memory usage

20 million integers, find the 50th largest number?

It takes a total of 1 hour to burn an uneven rope from start to finish. Now that there are several ropes of the same material, how do you use the method of burning rope to time an hour and fifteen minutes?

Find the number of daffodils within 1,000 and the number of daffodils within 4 billion

How to divide 5 coins, 2 positives and 3 negatives into two piles, and then turn over to make the number of hard 8 coins facing upwards and the number of coins facing upwards in the two piles the same

The hour hand goes one turn, the hour hand and minute hand overlap several times

N * N graph paper, how many squares are inside

X apples can only eat one, two, or three a day. How many days can I finish?

Plug-in, modularization, componentization, hot repair, incremental update, Gradle

Understanding of hot repair and plug-in

Analysis of plug-in principle

Modular implementation (benefits, reasons)

Hot fix, plug-in

Project component understanding

Describe what happened after clicking the build button of Android Studio

Architecture design and design mode

Talk about your understanding of the Android design pattern

MVC MVP MVVM principle and difference

What design patterns do you know?

Design patterns commonly used in projects

Handwritten producer / consumer model

Write the code for the observer mode

Similarities and differences between adapter mode, decorator mode, and appearance mode?

Some open source frameworks used, introduce an internal implementation process that has seen the source code.

Talk about understanding RxJava

RxJava function and principle realization

The advantages and disadvantages of the role of RxJava compared with the asynchronous operations usually used

Talk about the function and implementation of EventBus, the way to replace EventBus

Design an overall app architecture from 0, how to do it?

Say and design an application that you think is currently hot (for example: live broadcast app, P2P finance, small video, etc.)

Talk about understanding the java state machine

How to decouple if Fragment is used in Adapter?

Binder mechanism and its underlying implementation

How does this update work for apps? (Answer: Grayscale, mandatory update, update by area)?

Implement a Json parser (can increase speed through regularization)

Statistics start time, standard

Performance optimization

How to perform performance analysis and optimization of Android applications?

ddms and traceView

How to analyze systrace for performance optimization?

How to analyze memory leak with IDE?

How to solve the performance problem caused by Java multithreading?

Start screen white screen and black screen solved?

How to solve the problem of too slow startup?

How to ensure that the application does not freeze?

App startup crash exception capture

Notes on customizing View

Now the download speed is very slow, try to analyze the reason from the perspective of the network protocol and optimize it (hint: all 5 layers of the network can be involved).

Https request slow solution (hint: DNS, carry data, directly access IP)

How to maintain the stability of the application

RecyclerView and ListView performance comparison

ListView optimization

RecycleView optimization

View rendering

How does Bitmap handle big pictures, such as a 30M big picture, how to prevent OOM

The difference between the four kinds of references in java and usage scenarios

Will the strong reference be set to null, will it be recycled?

NDK, jni, Binder, AIDL, process communication

Please introduce NDK

What is the NDK library?

Have you used jni?

How to register native function in jni, there are several ways to register?

How does Java call C and C ++ languages?

How does jni call java layer code?

How to communicate between processes?

Binder mechanism

Brief description of IPC?

What is AIDL?

What problem does AIDL solve?

How to use AIDL?

How does Inter-Process-Communication work on Android?

Have you met a multi-process scenario?

Android process classification?

Process and Application life cycle?

Process scheduling

Talk about the understanding of process sharing and thread safety

Talk about the understanding of multi-process development and multi-process application scenarios

What is a coroutine?

Framework layer, ROM customization, Ubuntu, Linux, and other issues

Characteristics of java virtual machine

Talk about the understanding of jvm

JVM memory area, which memory is affected by threading

What do you know about Dalvik and ART virtual machines?

Art and Dalvik comparison

The principle of virtual machine, how to design a virtual machine yourself (memory management, class loading, parent delegation)

Talk about your understanding of the parent delegation model

JVM memory model, memory area

Classloading mechanism

Talk about the understanding of ClassLoader (class loader)

Talk about the understanding of dynamic loading (OSGI)

Circular references and avoidance of memory objects

Memory recycling mechanism, GC recycling strategy, GC timing, and GC objects

The difference between the garbage collection mechanism and calling System.gc ()

Ubuntu compile Android system

What is the system startup process? (Hint: Zygote process-> SystemServer process-> various system services-> application process)

Generally speaking, what happens when an application is installed on the phone

Briefly describe the entire process of Activity startup

App startup process, start by clicking on the desktop

Logical address and physical address, why use logical address?

What is the amount of memory allocated by Android for each application?

Can Android allocate process memory by itself?

Process keep alive

How to ensure that a background service is not killed? (Same question: How to ensure that the service is not killed in the background?) What is the more power-saving way?

How to wake up other processes in the app

Cross-platform Hybrid development


Html5 project combat

HTML & CSS & JavaScript combat

WordPress building website project combat

Front-end Vue architecture

Front-end style development

Weex built-in capabilities

Weex native application

Weex extension framework

WeexUI architecture

Introduce which projects you have done

What frameworks and platforms have you used?

What custom controls have you used?

What are the areas where the research is more in-depth?

What are the channels of concern for industry information?

What books have you read recently?

Are there any open source projects?

The technical points that I am most good at, the technical fields and technical points that I am most interested in

What open source libraries are used in the project and how to avoid the security and stability problems caused by the introduction of open-source libraries

What did you do during the internship and what was your output?


Because the workload of sorting answers to many questions is too large, it is limited to providing knowledge points. If you are looking for a job, it is recommended to go through them one by one. If you do n’t understand, you can ask questions.

I will write some more article/blog on Coding Interview Tips to get to know more about it, please follow or Clapp for the article.

I hope you enjoyed this session. If you have any comments or questions, please join the forum discussion below!

Thanks for the support :)

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