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Debugging Android WebView Using Chrome Developer Tools

How to debug Android WebView


Well, Recently I’m facing some issues regarding the webView content loading, The Data is loaded quite slow it took around 9–10 seconds, which is so huge, After that I investigated what is happening around webView. Why the webView content loading so slow?

It’s working fine on Google Chrome browser, the web team has done all the optimization on their end, Now it’s up to our team to look into this issue and identify where is the glitch.

After that, I found Chrome Developer Tools from which I can debug my webView and Identify the glitch where is the actual problem. Will let you know about the webView Optimization in the next article so, for now, let’s jump into it and see how to use debugging on Android WebView.


The first step is you need to connect your mobile device to your system.


The second step is you need to go to your chrome browser and go to chrome://inspect/#devices then you will see the result like below screenshot:

Image Source:


Now, you can debug all the things like performance, script execution time, network, etc. That’s it, enjoy debugging on Android webView using chrome developer tools.

Note: For more info check this post.

If you want to learn more related to Android then check it out the below link:

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