EasyFlipViewPager — The Flip Animations For Your ViewPager

A behind the scenes story of an open source Android library to create book & card flipping animations in ViewPager

The logo of EasyFlipViewPager Android Library
The demo of EasyFlipView library
The downloads stats for EasyFlipView library from Bintray
The download location stats for EasyFlipView library from Bintray
A book onboarding demo on Uplabs by Star Liu

🎶 🎵 Enter the “EasyFlipViewPager” 🎶 🎵

My checklist to put any Android library on Github
My Read Me checklist for Github Projects

The Library Demo

📄 How to Use

📖 Book Page Flipping

The book demo of EasyFlipViewPager library

💳 Card Flipping

The Card Flipping Demo of EasyFlipViewPager — With Scaling (left) and Without Scaling (right)

What’s Next

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