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Embedding C# in Native Android

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  1. App
  2. Xamarin
  3. XamarinInterface
  1. XamarinDependency.Application
  2. XamarinDependency.Library
  3. XamarinDependency.BindingsLibrary

Gradle XamarinInterface module

Xamarin BindingsLibrary project

Xamarin Library project

Xamarin Application project

Gradle Xamarin module

  1. assemblies/** Compiled C# .dll files.
  2. lib/** Compiled C++ .so files, including any ahead-of-time compiled C# and mono libraries.
  3. typemap.** Type mappings used by Xamarin.
  4. environment Mono environment settings.
  5. NOTICE Says that this contains open source code. Why not.

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