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Google Now on Tap, the often forgotten gem of Android.

First if you never heard of Google Now on Tap, here is a short video for you :

Now, GNT (let’s just call it like that) can do much more than giving you informations about famous people, restaurents and reminders, even translate stuff (Quick tip for translation: you can select the text you want and then trigger Now On Tap to get translation/search just for the highlighted word and not everything displayed)

How GNT works : hold your power button, the assistant looks for everything that is displayed and provides relevant informations, note that apps can communicate with the assistant through the API and either provide additionnal informations or revoke access to the displayed content (if the app contains sensitive informations).

But that’s a known thing, here i would like to show you that Google Goggles just changed identity, it’s alive ! GNT also uses some of the Google Search technologies like characters recognition and image search.

You can open your favorite camera app, put whatever you’re looking to get information about in the viewfinder and fire GNT (or open a picture)it can recognize:

Text Recognition — Brands, TV Shows, Whatever is written.

And more, plus GNT is always getting new features (without even telling us ), i hope you’ll find these useful, if have other tips about GNT please let me know !



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