Handling Media Files With MediaFacer Library For Android

Your code for working with media files is no longer the boilerplate type

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As an Android Developer, when it comes to accessing media files present on Android devices, it could quickly become troublesome if you don’t have that much experience with the android architecture for handling files, especially When things got complicated with the coming of android 10 and the forced adoption of Scoped Storage to carry out any operations on files.

For media files, these restrictions are not that extreme since they can easily be handled by querying the Android MediaStore , nevertheless the code for that could get long and confusing so today I am presenting to you an android library that will make your work with media files less cumbersome.

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The Android MediaFacer library is aimed at helping in the structured querying of the MediaStore to get media files in the simplest way possible taking in account both storage mediums on the device, that is the Internal and External storage of the device, nevertheless, the use of MediaFacer requires the READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE and WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permissions in your project both in the App Manifest.xml and at Run-time as from Android 5.0(Lolipop), the full documentation of the MediaFacer library can be found on Github.

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