Integrate Jenkins with Telegram

Telegram is a popular messaging application used by so many people and Jenkins has been known to be one of the most popular CI/CD tools. Wouldn’t it be cool if we could send messages from Jenkins to Telegram?

I’m going to show you how to do it in five easy steps.

#1 — Create a Telegram bot

typing /newbot and entering will ask you for a bot name and username, choose something meaningful and press enter. It’s look like below.

After the bot is created it gives you a token that you can use to communicate to your bot with HTTP protocol.

Remember to send a private message to your bot with \start to active it.

#2- Add the Telegram bot to a group

you can easily add your newly created bot to a group and typing @yourBotUserName it will be added like any other user and it can send messages to the group as well.







#3 —Get your group id

To get that simply call this api with your token<YourBOTToken>/getUpdates

It will give you bunch of information including the group id. Below is a sample output you might get. You have to find your chat id (negative value representing a group with the group name below it). Store this number.

#4- Prepare Jenkins

Also, the token is a secret value and we don’t want to use it directly. Instead we are going to put it inside Jenkins credentials and use it as a variable.

To do that go to Jenkins -> Credentials -> System -> Global Credentials and add two new Secret String Values with ids telegramToken and telegramChatId

#5- Send a http request

As you can see it does nothing but using the HTTP Request plugin to post a http request.

Congratulations you are done!

Still a better way?

I already build a library for this and you can find it here.

To use it add this lines to top of your pipeline code.

Then use it like telegram.sendTelegram(yourMessageHere)

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