Learning Android Development in 2018 [Beginner’s Edition]

Before writing a single word, I wish you all a very Happy New Year!!!

A lot of big announcements happened in 2017 for Android that has set up 2018 for a lot of action and innovation.

But wait, what if you’re just beginning your career as an Android Developer?

Don’t worry, we’ll cover this first before moving to the advanced stuff.

0. Teach yourself Java

Yeah, you read that right. I’ve intentionally marked this step as STEP 0 because before learning Android Application Development you must have some knowledge of Java.

“I’ve heard from many developers saying Kotlin is a much better option than Java to develop Android apps. Also Google has announced Kotlin as an official language for programming Android apps. Then why the hell are you telling me to learn Java first???” 😡 😡

Just calm down, dude! I’m not saying that you shouldn’t learn Kotlin. I’m just recommending you to learn Java first because you are new to Android development and Java is still a big part of Android. And there are not enough resources to learn all the Android APIs in Kotlin. Most of the tutorials you’ll find on Android Development beginner stuff will be in Java. So, if you know Java then it would be good for you to understand what the Java code is doing without you plugging the code into the Java to Kotlin Convertor.

1. Get a book on Android Development or Enroll for an online course

After learning Java, it’s time to get a book on Android Development or enroll for an online course for the same.

Kristin Marsicano presenting Activities in the Wild: Exploring the Activity Lifecycle at 360|AnDev 2016

3. Few More Recommended Reading

Okay, these are the beginner stuff.

But, what if you already have some experience in Android development and your new year resolution is to learn more advanced stuff and become a Pro Android Developer … So what stuff should you learn next?

Stay tuned. We’ll cover that in the next part. 🙃

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