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Pre-populate Room database

→This article is out of date and it needs be upgraded ←

This is a quick and simple article in how can you pre-populate your Room database at first run.

First of all, if you didn’t read about Room database, you can review this post:


Sometimes is very helpful have a pre-loaded data to start to use an application that uses a database as storing data. Room has a way to pre-populate the database at first run. The trick is override the onCreate method in Room callback:

void onCreate (SupportSQLiteDatabase db)

So, let’s suppose we have an entity like this:

public class DataEntity {

private String imageUrl;
private String title;
private String text;

public DataEntity(String imageUrl, String title, String text) {
this.imageUrl = imageUrl;
this.title = title;
this.text = text;
// getters and setters

And a DAO with two methods:

public interface DataDao {

@Query("SELECT * FROM DataEntity")
List<DataEntity> getAll();

void insertAll(DataEntity... dataEntities);

Nice, now we can create our AppDatabase that extends of RoomDatabase class. Here we should add our callback to know when database is created

Remember use a separate thread when you insert elements into database. Finally, this is the populateData method implementation

public static DataEntity[] populateData() {
return new DataEntity[] {
new DataEntity("image1.jpg", "title1", "text1"),
new DataEntity("image2.jpg", "title2", "text2"),
new DataEntity("image3.jpg", "title3", "text3"),
new DataEntity("image4.jpg", "title4", "text4"),
new DataEntity("image5.jpg", "title5", "text5")

In the first call to AppDatabase.getInstance(context) this code will be executed.

You can review the full implementation of these classes:

And that’s all! Very quick and easy to implement!

Questions or suggestions? Post a comment below! Happy coding!




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