Publishing your Android, Kotlin or Java library to jCenter from Android Studio

A detailed how-to guide on publishing your Android libraries on Bintray and jCenter

Why jCenter?

The implementation line for Medium Clap Button Library

Sign Up on JFrog Bintray

My Profile Dashboard on JFrog Bintray

Creating New Repository

New Repository Form
New Repository Page on JFrog Bintray

Adding New Package

Add New Package form on JFrog Bintray
Repository Page after Package Added in JFrog Bintray
Package Details Page on JFrog Bintray

Adding New Version

New Version form in JFrog Bintray
Package Details after New Version on JFrog Bintray

Configure Your Library in Android Studio

Adding Bintray and Maven Plugins
The Library Module Configurations
Bintray Repository and Package Names
The Library name to compile and upload on Bintray
The Group, Artifact, and Version of Library

Adding Bintray API Key

The API Key screen
Bintray Username and API key

Compiling The Library Module

Compiling the module
The javadoc error
Disable javadoc generation while building module
Build Successful

Uploading Library AAR/JAR on Bintray

Uploading on Bintray Gradle Command
Successful Build of Upload Task
Version Uploaded

Submitting Your Package to jCenter

Submitting for jCenter approval
The jCenter badge

Your Library is Ready

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