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Illustration by Akshay Potnis

Android Studio Project Marble: Lint performance

Details on recent Lint performance fixes and a tool we made to pinpoint bottlenecks.

The low hanging fruit

A tool for pinpointing bottlenecks

Number of probe hits: 4720354
Total time in LintDriver.analyze(): 221482ms
Total time inside detectors: 177446ms
InvalidPackageDetector 176853ms
MergeMarkerDetector 363ms
GradleDetector 38ms
PrivateKeyDetector 27ms
TrustAllX509TrustManagerDetector 25ms
CordovaVersionDetector 18ms
UnusedResourceDetector 13ms
ManifestDetector 12ms
MissingClassDetector 10ms

Profiling memory allocations to find redundant computation

Total allocations within detectors: 262 MB
MergeMarkerDetector 240 MB
PrivateKeyDetector 7 MB
GradleDetector 6 MB
AndroidTvDetector 2 MB

Details on the YourKit probe

Wrapping up



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