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Coroutines On Android (part III): Real work

Sean McQuillan
May 21, 2019 · 12 min read

Solving real-world problems with coroutines

One shot requests

A one shot request is performed each time it’s called. It stops executing as soon as a result is ready.

Problem: Displaying a sorted list

As a general pattern, start coroutines in the ViewModel.

A repository should prefer to expose regular suspend functions that are main-safe.

Suspend functions in Room are main-safe and run on a custom dispatcher.

The one shot request pattern

Our first bug report!

When starting a new coroutine in response to a UI event, consider what happens if the user starts another before this one completes.

The best solution: Disable the button

Disabling the buttons while a sort runs using _sortButtonsEnabled in sortPricesBy.

Concurrency patterns

Using cancelPreviousThenRun to ensure that only one sort runs at a time.

Consider building abstractions to avoid mixing ad-hoc concurrency patterns with application code.

A Mutex lets you ensure only one coroutine runs at a time — and they will finish in the order they started.

Join previous work is a great solution to avoiding repeated network requests.

What’s next?

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