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Demo of the new gesture in Android 10
  1. Going edge-to-edge, enabling your app to draw across the entire screen
  2. Handling visual overlaps with the system UI
  3. Handling gesture conflicts with the system gestures
  4. Common scenarios, and how to support them


Drawing behind navigation bar

Drawing behind status bar

Example of an app with full-width imagery behind the status bar


1. Request to be laid out fullscreen

Our app is now laid out full screen, behind the navigation bar

2. Change system bar colors

Dynamic color adaptation in Android 10
System-provided scrim in button navigation mode on Android 10
  • One of the button modes are enabled (2-button or 3-button).
  • In gesture navigation mode, and the device manufacturer has opted to disable dynamic color adaptation. A possible reason for this could be the performance of the device not being strong enough to handle color adaptation.
Example of scrim being used with gesture navigation

Android Pie and below

Example showing a both appropriate scrims in both dark and light themes

3. Visual conflicts



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