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Now in Android #39

Android Studio 4.2 & Hilt, Google Play changes, #MAD skills:Navigation, Background Task Inspector, cold to hot Flows

Daniel Galpin
May 13 · 4 min read

Android Studio 4.2 released to stable channel

Hilt is stable and ready for production

Manuel Vivo wrote about the stable release of Hilt, Android Jetpack’s recommended dependency injection (DI) solution for Android apps. Hilt is a simpler, more opinionated way to leverage the power of the Dagger DI library, eliminating boilerplate and reducing errors. It provides direct injection support for popular Jetpack libraries such as ViewModel, WorkManager, Navigation, and Compose. (DI Basics, Documentation)

Google Play updates

Google Play announced upcoming policy changes around app metadata, such as prohibiting certain keywords in the icon, title and developer name. There are also new guidelines for the feature graphics, screenshots, videos, and short descriptions in your listing. The blog has all the details, including the timeframe for rolling out the changes.

MAD Skills: Navigation

But Wait, There’s More!

For ongoing content, be sure to check the MAD Skills playlist on YouTube, the articles on Medium, or this handy landing page that points to all of it.


Manuel Vivo wrote about using the shareIn and stateIn operator, which are used to convert cold Kotlin coroutine flows to hot flows, allowing you to cache, buffer content, and multicast information to multiple collectors.

ADB Podcast Episodes

Now then…

That’s it for this time. Read about all you can do in Android Studio 4.2. Simplify your DI with Hilt. Check out the metadata and safety posts from Google Play. Watch the latest episodes in the MAD Skills:Navigation series. Read articles on transforming Flows and the new Background Task Inspector. Listen to us chat about DataStore and Kotlin Symbol Processing. Make sure to watch all of the announcements at Google I/O from May 18th-20th. And come back here soon for the next update from the Android developer universe.

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