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Now in Android title, showing a timer, the Android Developers pixelated brackets, a green Android head, and a caption bubble.

Now in Android #74

Episode 74 Video and Podcast

Android 13 for TV is now available 📺

App Bundles for Google TV and Android TV 🎒📺

Android Developers Blog: Compose for Wear OS 1.1 is now stable: check out new features! 🎵⌚

Preparing for the Android Privacy Sandbox Beta 🕶️

Android Developers Blog: Introducing Camera Viewfinder 📷

Introducing the Architecture Templates 🏗️

Articles 📚

Videos 📹

AndroidX releases 🚀

ADB Podcast Episodes🎙

Now then… 👋



Articles on modern tools and resources to help you build experiences that people love, faster and easier, across every Android device.

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