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Now in Android #75

Episode 75 Video and Podcast

Now in Android is also offered as a video and podcast.

Android Studio Electric Eel is stable ⚡

This release includes updates and new features that cover across design, build & dependencies, emulators & devices, and IntelliJ.

AndroidX releases 🚀

Since the previous episode, there have been some AndroidX releases worth highlighting.

Articles 📚

Don Turner wrote about adding a domain layer to an app that covers how the team added a domain layer to the Now in Android app for improved readability, scalability and portability.

Videos 🎥

If you want to make your app grow, you should watch these two videos, optimize paywall conversion, and engage with push notifications, to learn about those topics and improve your app.

ADB Podcast Episodes🎙

Now then… 👋

That’s it for the first Now in Android episode of 2023 with a new version of Android Studio stable, AndroidX releases, articles about the domain layer, extending the Android SDK, Wear OS, HDR and the stylus, videos about app growth, CameraX and the Attribution Reporting API, a new episode of the Android Developers Backstage, and more!



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