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Illustration by Virginia Poltrack

Spantastic text styling with Spans

Styling text in Android

Left: Single style text. TextView with textSize=”32sp” and textStyle=”bold”. Right: Multi style text. Text with ForegroundColorSpan, StyleSpan(ITALIC), ScaleXSpan(1.5f), StrikethroughSpan.
Left: Using HTML tags. Center: Using BulletSpan with default bullet size. Right: Using BulletSpan on Android P or custom implementation.
Combining TextView with XML attributes and text with spans

Applying Spans

Left: Text with ForegroundColorSpan. Right: Text with ForegroundColorSpan and Spannable.SPAN_EXCLUSIVE_INCLUSIVE
Text with multiple spans: ForegroundColorSpan(Color.RED) and StyleSpan(BOLD)

Framework spans

Span categories: character vs paragraph, appearance vs metric
Appearance affecting spans
Metric affecting spans
Left: ForegroundColorSpan — appearance affecting span. Right: RelativeSizeSpan — metric affecting span
On Android paragraphs are defined based on new line (‘\n’) character.
Paragraph affecting spans
Left: BackgroundColorSpan — character affecting span. Right: QuoteSpan — paragraph affecting span

Creating custom spans

Testing custom spans implementation

Testing spans usage

Note: if you need to iterate through the spans outside tests, use Spanned#nextSpanTransition instead of Spanned#getSpans as it’s more performant.

Lots of thanks to Siyamed Sinir, Clara Bayarri and Nick Butcher.




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