AndroIdiots Podcast 15: Using Kotlin as a BackEnd language with Matt

Tushar Gupta
Jun 25 · 2 min read

We are all software developers and we love to code, don’t we? And ofcourse, Kotlin is our favourite language.

Don’t you wish you could write every system in Kotlin. Well its no news, that the Kotlin makers are actually making it true. We have discussed it before in our previous episode about Kotlin/Multiplatform and in this episode we discuss how to get started with Kotlin as a BackEnd language with Matt Thornfield.

Matt is the author of the book Building Spring Boot Applications with the Kotlin Programming Language distributed by Manning Publications and also has a course on with same name on LinkedIn Learning.

Show Summary:

Spring Boot:

Spring Boot makes it easy to create stand-alone, production-grade Spring based Applications that you can “just run”. It’s an open source project which creates a huge range of frameworks, plugins & tools around Java Virtual Machine and is used by many enterprises already.

How to get started:

You can put in your requirements on and chose Kotlin as the language of your choice. Other options are Java & Groovy. The website will generate a zip file, a starter kit, which can be used to start coding right away in your favourite IDE.

Advantages of Using Kotlin:

Immutable variables, data classes, sealed classes, compile time null check, a much less verbosity, a somewhat functional programming support, and Kotlin is still evolving. We will surely get a lot more features.

Complexities of switching to Kotlin from Java:

A couple of complexities around making the data side work and design choices. Listen to the podcast for more details. You may also check Matt’s course to learn all the nitty-gritties.

We thoroughly enjoyed having Matt on our podcast. Thank you Matt.

Manning Publications have been kind enough to share some discount codes for our listeners.
You can use the code: to get a flat 40% discount on any live free video course.

And here are few codes to get free Spring Boot Application With Kotlin course:

Link to the course :…gramming-language

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An android developer publication to stay updated with whats new in android, best practices and how to become a better android developer

Tushar Gupta

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Self-Taught iOS & Android Dev | co-creator AndroIDIOTS | Functional Programming enthusiast | Enjoy diving deep into Architecture & Programming Languages.


An android developer publication to stay updated with whats new in android, best practices and how to become a better android developer

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