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4 min readJul 29, 2021

We are constructing a framework to power individual’s continual evolution and meaningful contribution to humanity through Software Development.

What I propose here is a state of constant observation, questioning of everything and a all-encompassing care for each software individual.

Only when a individual is healthy, balanced and has excitement in his eyes for his and overall future, we can expect great things from him and the whole organization, scalable throughout time.

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Building software is one part of your life. You are at your best when you are balanced across interests and these interests are in synergy.

When a Software Artisan is self-caring, the care will inevitability be greater towards fellow individuals. So we can create a better, more grounded world, that makes sense for us and others.

The most powerful things in life are simple, small, free, and often overlooked.

“Self-Aware Software Artisan” framework consists of:

  1. Observing — yourself and the environment,
  2. Journaling — your thoughts and emotions,
  3. Leading a healthy and balanced life,
  4. Planing,
  5. Acting — based on the before mentioned items.

These are the building blocks for the relationships you have: with yourself, other people, activities, projects, code, etc.

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This Essay is geared towards anyone in the industry of building software.

We are navigating vast space of opportunities, having in mind your true aspirations, so that you can be fulfilled, i.e. closer to what you truly are, throughout time.

We are exploring a palette of ideas, to pick and scale individual parts and form a system that can be adjusted through time and thus produce more relevant effects for you and people around you.

The most optimal way to advance a group, company and community is by changing many of us on an individual level; and having that ripple transfer through and encompass the whole organization.

Parts of the essay are geared for Software Developers, while other lean towards Product Developers and Leaders. Most of it can be applied to any human involved in the process of building software.

We are going on a long ride.

Grab something to drink and enjoy.

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, HS Thompson


Words in this essay outline my view and perspective I got from my work and experience up to this point. I do not claim it is the right perspective or that the right perspective exists.

The reader has the responsibility to think as he reads and form his own opinions based on the information outlined.

Author’s experience

Data Sculptor, Architect of Systems and Products.

Founded startups in the fields of Education and Sports and led teams of up to ten people.

Worked, as a Systems Architect, Frontend, and Backend Developer, for a product company, a digital agency, and as a remote freelancer.

For more information, check my Personal Website.

Purpose of this series

The essay is written primarily for me and my friends, through me, to jot down what I’ve learned and experienced in life.

It is here to remind myself what worked for me in the past and got me alive and kicking to where I am.

It is also here to serve for bootstrapping the culture for all endeavors I’m involved in.

It is an attempt to systematize nuggets of tested and proven steps one can take while living, learning, growing, falling down and picking himself up to continue with respect, dignity and ferocious will to leave a mark on the terms he finds valuable.

Most importantly, it is here to confirm that self-care and self-awareness is crucial to all aspiring, just starting, or deeply in trenches, people involved in software creation.

Ideas laid out are the ones I’ve dabbled with, and my writing showcases my relationship to them and their inner-connectedness to form a system of being and working.

There are miles better, more competent individuals across the planet. Learn from them.

More importantly, learn from your past experiences, and observe your current state, document it, gather conclusions and improve based on it. Herein lies everything that you have and will have for any motion.

Take these words with a grain of salt, think for yourself, and implement them incrementally and personalized to you.

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