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A lot has changed in the last few weeks, but there’s still a compelling need for businesses to be able to serve their clients. My team at Andromeda has been working hard on tools to help businesses succeed in the current socioeconomic climate. I’m pleased to share some details on these products here:

Queue Saver is our latest progressive web app, designed to help businesses manage social distancing concerns such as occupancy & capacity, queue management, and curbside pickup. Customers may come and go as normal until the business capacity has been reached, at which point they use their smartphone to quickly get in line, no download necessary. Businesses track people coming and going and the app notifies customers when it’s their turn. Queue Saver is currently free to use until July 1.

Sign up at

Cirrostyle is our online brand guide, supporting management of brand assets such as fonts, colors, and logos. Setup multiple projects or brands, and control who has access using our sharing and permission tool. Specify image resolution and background colors easily before download. Cirrostyle makes it easier than ever to share your brand remotely with partners, vendors, and agencies. Cirrostyle is currently free to use until August 1.

Get started at

FlexePark is a shared parking solution that helps businesses generate revenue from their parking lot after business hours. Customers pay to park using our easy-to-use progressive web app, with no download necessary. We offer flat-rate and monthly parking, and our available services include signage, monitoring, and enforcement. FlexePark is designed to make you money, and allow you to get your brand or message in front of a new audience. For businesses in qualified areas it’s completely free to get started.

Learn more at

Please reach out to me with any questions/comments. I would be happy to schedule a personal demo, provide a write-up for a newsletter. or interview for a podcast.




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