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Active Support For AndusChain DApp Partners

Public chain platform AndusChain is expanding its dApp partners. AndusChain’s infrastructure and technical support were the basis for this background.

AndusChain entered a DAON coin partnership with Seebox, a live commerce platform, a small business in October, and also entered the real estate NFT market by establishing Davius ​​Co., Ltd.

In addition, on the 16th, Andus Co., Ltd. signed a partnership with Aimbroad for the soccer metaverse business, thereby stepping into the metaverse market which is very popular nowadays.

Public Chain Project AndusChain is a project led by Professor Sung Jun Park of Dongguk University, a domestic blockchain expert. CEO Sung Jun Park is providing advisory support to various startups and blockchain companies.

AndusChain official said, “We plan to strengthen support for AndusChain dApp project in the future, and we will contribute to the national future industry by nurturing and supporting promising projects based on AndusChain’s outstanding infrastructure.”




AndusChain Official Blog

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Andus Chain

Andus Chain

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