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Andus Chain: Ecosystem

Not only the Andus Chain, but also for all the blockchain platforms, the ecosystem plays an important role.

Unlike many projects that have previously only developed technology and delayed ecosystem development, Andus has an ecosystem that is already being developed and is about to be in real use soon.

A solid token economy, a unique technology-based blockchain platform, and a complete ecosystem of exchange services will connect all services.

Andus Chain 1.0/2.0 and Daon coin become the foundation of its DAPP ecosystem and create a more robust ecosystem through an autonomous DAPP ecosystem.

Andus 1.0 is the world’s leading, fair public permissionless blockchain, and Andus 2.0 supports the DAPP ecosystem and strengthens corporate services and partnerships through enhanced BaaS services.

​In addition, we attract many blockchain-based DAPP and complete the ecosystem through interaction with each other. It also enhances the connectivity of services with the use of virtual asset exchanges and Daon coin.

Through the Blockchain education center, we are contributing to the overall industry and expanding the influence of the Andus Chain.

​We will also complete the token economy with our DAPP partners and lead the blockchain ecosystem with our customers.

Andus Chain Community

If you have any questions about the Andus Chain, please contact the community below.

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