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Andus Chain: Introduction

What is the Andus chain?

Andus Chain is a platform for the blockchain ecosystem and it is a public permissionless blockchain. Andus issues the Daon coin (DEB).

​We have improved Ethereum’s shortcomings (unsustainable decentralization, performance, high-cost fees, etc.) in pursuit of the essential philosophy and ideas (decentralization) of the block chain.

​Andus Chain’s vision and goal is to become the ‘center of the world of blockchain’ and aims to integrate fairness, safety, high performance and artificial intelligence. In particular, we are pursuing a blockchain that we all make together by securing fairness.

​The fairness of the blockchain on Andus is making the mining probabilities equal regardless of their mining conditions (performance, equity, etc.) unlike conventional public blockchain consensus algorithms that give difference in mining probabilities based on the conditions of the miner.

​To this end, Andus Chain was implemented based on DEB consensus algorithm, a fair consensus algorithm that enables sustainable decentralization developed by Andus.

Important Characteristics of Andrews Chain

1. Sustainable decentralization characteristics (fairness)

2. One block finality without fork.

3. Highest speed in a real environment (more than 15 times faster than Ethereum)

4. Having a minimum fee policy (minimum one-tenth of Ethereum).

5. We are aiming for the convergence of blockchain and artificial intelligence.

Development Status of Andrews Chain

Currently, Mainnet has been developed (Anders Chain 1.0), and all tests have been completed in the second half of 2019.

In particular, all the sources are open to the public at

​On the other hand, for the application of blockchain by companies, the private Andus Chain (minimum performance of 3,000 TPS or more) was also developed in June 2020.

​We have signed a joint business agreement with a number of service providers to vitalize the most important Andus Chain-based service (Andus Chain ecosystem) and are developing it with the goal of launching the service in 2021.


Currently disclosed partners are as aboves and we are pursuing practical cooperation.

​Blockchain Artificial Intelligence

In particular, we are developing “Blockchain Artificial Intelligence,” which combines the core technology of the future, Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence.

​If we look at the trends of research on the convergence between the blockchain and artificial intelligence, most of them are being studied in terms of the Blockchain for AI (Blockchain for AI), which is a complementary aspect to overcome the technological limitations of the blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI for Blockchain).

​But “blockchain artificial intelligence” is not just a concept of integrating traditional blockchains with artificial intelligence, but an innovative way of building blockchains with artificial intelligence (named “blockchain artificial intelligence”).

We will introduce more on technology in seperate articles!

Anduschain Community

If you have any questions about the Andus Chain, please contact the community below.

​· Telegram (Chat):

· Telegram:

<Key Information Site>

· Andus Corp website:

· Andus Chain website:

· Andus Explorer:

· Blog:

· Github:



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