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AndUs Chain: Team & Partner

AndUs Chain Community

Today, we are going to introduce our team and partners.


AndUs Chain is a project of AndUs Corp which started in 2017 and has been developing technology for a long time. It was Sung-jun Park, CEO of AndUs Chain, who first started this team.

CEO Park Sung-jun is a Ph.D. in cryptography and a top expert in blockchain theory and service. He is also a head of blockchain center at Dongguk University Graduate School of International Information Protection.

He also invented a DEB consensus algorithm of AndUs Chain.

He also gave advice for the “Blockchain Revolution” of Don tapscott, the best-selling Korean blockchain book. He also contributed to the development of the blockchain industry for a long time by giving 800+ lectures.
The team is joined by crypto expertss, consulting experts, open-source experts, security experts, and financial experts to prepare for both technology and business.

Also, the advisory group includes Professor Kim Hyung-joong, who is already very famous in the blockchain industry in Korea.

Hyung-joong Kim

Professor Hyung-joong Kim is a professor at Korea University’s Graduate School of Information Security, and he has been studying digital watermarking since 2000 and began studying cryptography in earnest since 2014.

He served as a professor at Kangwon National University after a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering at Seoul National University, master’s degree and master’s degree in engineering, and also serves as a permanent representative of the National Union of Future IT Powers, head of the Center for Cryptocurrency at Korea University, and president of the Korean FinTech Society. He is sharing his knowledge and experience through a number of seminars and lectures.

Tae-Eon Koo

Also, a lawyer Tae-Eon Koo who specializes in blockchain is consulting AndUs Chain.

Currently, lawyer Koo , the head of the Tech&Ro division of the law firm Lyn, is an expert in laws related to blockchain and crypto, and he is actively working as a presenter at various seminars, meetings, conferences and other events.

Mr. Koo is also an expert in technology, which is dedicated to cybercrime, technology leakage crime, and digital forensics investigations at the Computer Investigation Department of the Seoul District Prosecutors’ Office and the High-tech Crime Investigation Department of the Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office. He also worked as a professional lawyer for IT and IP at Kim & Chang Law Office for six years.

He has experienced various problems in the government regulatory system and is working to resolve regulations for the development of the FinTech, Blockchain and Digital Healthcare industries while serving as an advisor to the Financial Supervisory Service, the second term member of the Personal Information Protection Committee, the Ministry of Public Administration and Security, the Financial Services Commission, the Korea Communications Commission, and the Ministry of Science and ICT.


AndUs Chain continues to work with many organizations and business partners. AndUs is working on various cooperation from large companies to public corporations such as Hancom, Korea Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute, Korea Electric Power Research Institute, Sejong Telecom, and Posco ICT.

We’ve already hosted two meetups in 2019 with above teams and partners.

AndUs Chain Community

If you have any questions about the Andus Chain, please contact the community below.

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