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ANDUS Co., Ltd. Cryptocurrency Daon signed the second application contract for real-life services

Andus Co., Ltd. (CEO Park Sung Jun) signed a contract to use the cryptocurrency Daon at Seabox, an online/offline convergence store based on blockchain, signed a contract with Didionet Service. It was also announced on the 10th that it had signed a contract with Nanum Win-Win Platform for application of Daon real-life services.

Nanum Win-Win Platform Co., Ltd. is a company that provides consulting for startups using a group of experts. It provides total management services such as management diagnosis, business model improvement and various certification support, growth roadmap proposal, management consulting, and legal/labor/administrative/detail/accounting/patent attorney.

Until now, Andus Co., Ltd. and the Nanum Win-Win Platform have completed the white paper (ver 0.8) by promoting token ecosystem innovation. Based on this, it plans to implement an AndusChain-based token ecosystem within this year. In addition, on the 4th, a contract was signed to apply AndusChain Cryptocurrency Daon and use it as a payment token for services.

Park Sung Jun, CEO of ANDUS, said, “We have completed contracts with NFT and Metabus-related partners to expand the AndusChain-based Daon ecosystem. We will soon announce the status and activation plan of the AndusChain-based Daon ecosystem, he said. “Based on this, we will also build a DeFi ecosystem with AndusChain-based Daon and tokens in the second half of this year.”

Andus Co., Ltd., which opened on May 1, 2021, operates Korea’s only public permission-less blockchain AndusChain platform with 310 AndusChain miners. Based on this, it is continuously cooperating with various companies to utilize cryptocurrency Daon in 2022.



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