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Andus Enters Blockchain-Based Real Estate Business (NFT)

Andus Co., Ltd., led by Sung Jun Park, head of Dongguk University’s Blockchain Research Center, completed the establishment of Davius ​​Co., Ltd. to advance into the blockchain-based real estate ecosystem business.

Andus Co., Ltd. CEO Sung Jun Park will concurrently serve as the CEO of Davius ​​Co., Ltd.

Davius ​​Co., Ltd. is a token service provider that promotes a token ecosystem of various assets, starting with a real estate token ecosystem that secures cash liquidity of real estate assets by converting real estate assets into non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

To overcome the speed and high-cost fee barriers, NFTs are issued based on AndusChain rather than Ethereum-based.

AndusChain, developed by Andus Co., Ltd., is the only public permission-less blockchain in Korea that solves the shortcomings of Ethereum.

Real estate investment with small amount of money

The company said that the goal of Davius Co., Ltd. is to popularize the real estate investment market.

The purpose is to lower the barriers to entry in the real estate market so that ordinary people who do not have a lot of money can enter the real estate market. As a result, Davius Co., Ltd. wants to create a new type of real estate market where anyone who wants to own real estate can own real estate with a small amount of money.

Davius Co., Ltd. is planning to complete the business white paper by the end of this year and disclose it to the public. It will also unveil various business models that can implement legitimate services to suit the current Korean domestic situation, including the Special Act.

Signed a legal advisory contract with Lin Law Firm

Davius Co., Ltd. also signed a legal advisory contract with Lin, a law firm headed by Tae-eon Koo, who is one of the best blockchain legal lawyers in Korea.

In the future, it plans to expand to a digital asset platform-based business by expanding to the token ecosystem of all assets.

Sung Jun Park, CEO of Davius Co., Ltd., said, “By solving various social problems caused by the frenzy of the domestic real estate market with a blockchain-based token ecosystem, we want to make a success case story that requires blockchain and cryptocurrency by creating an actual service that are useful to many people.”

Meanwhile, Andus Co., Ltd. also partnered to use cryptocurrency Daon in SEEBOX, a blockchain-based online/offline convergence store.



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