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Andus to hold a conference on revitalizing the blockchain-based start-up ecosystem on the 2nd of next month (June 2022)

Park, Sung Jun, CEO of Andus and Davius Co., Ltd., who also heads the Blockchain Research Center at Dongguk University, announced on the 30th that they will hold a blockchain-based startup ecosystem revitalization conference at Grand Intercontinental Seoul Parnas on June 2.

The conference is organized by ANDUS, and is hosted by SID Partners Co., Ltd., EyeStartup Lab Co., and the Star Enterprise Promotion Committee of the Korea Small and Medium Business Development Association. It aims to revitalize a sustainable blockchain-based low-cost startup ecosystem for young entrepreneurs who are experiencing a lot of difficulties in difficult economic conditions at home and abroad.

To celebrate the event, Oh Jung-geun, chairman of the Korea Financial ICT Convergence Society, Baek Yang-soon, chairman of the Korea ICT Convergence Association, Park Bong-kyu, Professor Kim Hyung-joong of Korea University, lawyer Lin Koo Tae-eon, and CEO of Token Post will give congratulatory speeches.

Kim Young-sik, head of the blockchain and cryptocurrency evaluation agency Xangle, will then present the theme of “Core Elements of Growing Blockchain Companies,” and Lee Hwan-ho, secretary-general of the Korea Small and Medium Business Development Association, will introduce “Understanding and Utilizing the Existing Industrial Startup Environment and Support Project.”

CEO Park Seong-jun said, “In the keynote presentation, we will deepen our understanding of blockchain and cryptocurrency, the future of Korea and the hope of young people and explain the meaning of the blockchain-based startup ecosystem revitalization conference.” The key theme of the keynote presentation is:

1) A person who understands cryptocurrencies can seize future wealth and power

2) Preparing the foundation for a sustainable startup ecosystem led by the private sector.

In addition, it is reported that they plan to comprehensively prepare a growth support system, such as attracting investment necessary for post-startup growth, as well as technical aspects to prepare a foundation for revitalizing the blockchain-based startup ecosystem.

At the conference, a business agreement will be signed with domestic and foreign accelerators and venture capital to prepare support systems in various aspects necessary for blockchain-based startups.

CEO Park, Sung Jun will sign a business agreement with the Dongdaemun Merchants Cooperative to realize the NFT ecosystem in Dongdaemun Town to globalize the Dongdaemun market, launch an integrated distribution platform that innovates the distribution structure, and promote K-FASHION’s excellence and image.

It also announced that it will sign a business agreement with Greenstone Capital Switzerland, an overseas venture capital company, SID Partners Co., Ltd., a domestic accelerator, World Blockchain Summit Marbles, and Nanum Win-Win Platform.

To nurture entrepreneurs who, contribute to the national economy as well as personal achievement of the founders by producing star founders who will brighten Korea, it will sign a business agreement with I-Startup Lab Co., Ltd., a university-affiliated accelerator invested by domestic universities, and Token Post, a media company specializing in blockchain and cryptocurrency.

As part of this stable support project, Greenstone Capital Switzerland, an overseas venture capital firm, and the Dongdaemun Merchants Cooperative will sign an investment attraction contract for the Dongdaemun Town Metaverse project.

Finally, under the auspices of Professor Kim Hyung-joong of Korea University, a discussion meeting with companies based on AndusChain Dapp services will also be held, with AimBroad, Coffee and Library, Davius, Didionet Korea and Dongdaemun Merchants Cooperative participating.

A total of 150 people will participate in the event, including 80 companies interested in the token ecosystem, 40 investment-related companies and institutions such as asset managers, accelerators, and venture capital, and 20 journalists including Token Post.

Andus CEO Park Sung Jun emphasized, “We plan to continuously promote the domestic blockchain-based start-up ecosystem by holding this conference regularly every year rather than a one-time event.”

“We will propose the necessity and urgency of the government’s blockchain and cryptocurrency-related policies by revitalizing the blockchain-based start-up ecosystem, which is promoted by the private sector under the basis of the future of Korea and the hope of young people,” he emphasized.



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