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AndusChain Accelerates Partnership Expansion

The partnership of AndusChain, led by Sung Jun Park, head of Dongguk University’s Blockchain Research Center, is steadily increasing. AndusChain is a public chain project developed with pure domestic technology and is attracting attention as the next-generation Ethereum.

AndusChain established Davius Co., Ltd. as a subsidiary company to launch the real estate NFT business in October and expanded the usability of Daon coin by partnering with Seebox, a live commerce platform for small business owners.

Recently, Andus Co., Ltd. signed a partnership with Shinsung Co., Ltd. to build a blockchain-based short-form video shopping platform. Shinsung is promoting the production of video content (dramas, movies, entertainment, etc.), production and distribution of short-form video content, planning and production of concerts, musicals, and performances, and celebrity management and advertising agency business.

ZCON, a blockchain-based short-form video shopping platform project, was planned to be developed based on Ethereum before signing a partnership with Andus. With the support of AndusChain’s network infrastructure, it improved exclusive speed and fee issues and expanded its versatility to switch to AndusChain.

As Andus advocates the next generation of Ethereum, it is actively encouraging blockchain technology to be settled in our real lives faster while supporting various blockchain projects in Korea.



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