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AndusChain at Marvels World Blockchain Summit 2021

Dear community members,

There weren’t many offline events due to the pandemic. On 13, there was a major event that took place after a long time and AndUs Chain CEO Park Sung-jun attended as a panel to introduce AndusChain to public.

The Marvels World Blockchain Summit attended was hosted by Korea CEO Summit, and sponsored by Seoul City and Busan City.

Korea Blockchain Industry Promotion Association, Korea Blockchain Startup Association, Next Generation Convergence Technology Research Institute, Korea Blockchain Society, Busan Blockchain Council, Busan International Blockchain Artificial Intelligence Association (BIBAA), Global Fintech Industry Promotion Center also supported the event.

It was a large-scale event in cooperation with Ajou Economy, Finance Today, Newsway, Daily Leaders Economy Newspaper, Blockchain Today, Token Post, Genie Media, China’s Chain News, Gold Finance, and Wincrypto.

The details on the session is as below;

▶ Session 3: Blockchain-based Business Model and Regulation Infrastructure

▶ Moderator: Tae-Eon Koo attorney from Lin, also well known as the author of ’The future cannot be regulated’

▶ Speakers: Park Sung-jun, CEO of Blockchain Research Center at Dongguk University and CEO of AndUsChain/ Hyung-ki Lee, CEO of Life on X/ Hyun-jin Cho, CEO of BR Partners and Zellys CSO

Full details of the event can be found at the link below, and you can check the presentation of AndusChain from about 2 hours and 3 minutes in the video.

AndUs Chain Community

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